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Chris Schweizer was born in Tucson, AZ at the tail end of 1980 to parents who are both classical musicians. He is the cartoonist behind The Crogan Adventures, a historical fiction graphic novel series that has been nominated for two Eisner Awards, and The Creeps, a horror series.

Before becoming a cartoonist Chris was, at various times, a hotel manager, a movie theater projectionist, a guard at a mental institution, a martial arts instructor, a set builder, a church music leader, a process server, a life-drawing model, a bartender, a car wash attendant, a bagboy, a delivery boy, a choirboy, a lawn boy, a sixth-grade social studies teacher, a janitor, a speakeasy proprietor, a process server, a video store clerk, a field hand, a puppeteer for a children's television show, a muralist, a kickboxer, and a line worker at a pancake mix factory.

Chris has never seen a ghost, but he's worked in three old places that were supposed to be haunted. When he was in college, he lived in a house that The Week magazine later called "The Most Haunted Place in England." But the scariest thing he's ever done was teach sixth grade.

He now spends all of his time making comics, and lives in Kentucky with his wife Liz and daughter Penny. Sometimes he has a moustache, but it's still him even when he doesn't.

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