Attack of the Clones Minute 39: Dangerous and Disturbing

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January 5th, 2017


Anakin and Padmé walk toward the palace. Artoo continues to follow.


Riley Silverman



  • Starts with Liam raising the shades as Yoda talks about how the map has been erased, and ends with Anakin telling Padmé that the people she served thought she did a good job as queen.
  • The first time we see Artoo go up stairs.
  • Star Trek: Next Generation-esque shuttle.


  • Is there no security/backup for the Jedi archives? Why does Yoda need to meditate on this?
  • How long since Dooku was part of the Order? They don't see him as evil, and they still trust him at this point. His movement is like the offshoot of a political party.
  • Why do the Jedi trust the clone army? They are tied up with the mystery that Obi-Wan was trying to unravel.
  • Does Sidious want Obi-Wan to find Kamino and reveal the clones? If so, then why do they try to hide Kamino and kill Kenobi?
    • Sidious wants the Jedi to plant the seeds of their own destruction.
    • Referenced: "Dr. Who" series 8 episode Death in Heaven.
    • It's like Sidious handed the Jedi a loaded gun, put them in a dangerous situation, and then this made them use it.
Sheev's Clues.png
    • Palpatine needing to drop more and more obvious hints to get the Jedi to figure it out.
      • Referenced: "Blue's Clues"
  • Palpatine (and masters leading up to him) are incredibly patient.
  • Was Dexter Jettster in on the plot? Whatever Obi-Wan came in with, Dex would have steered him to Kamino.
  • Mentioned: Investigation is implied in their mandate.
  • Tampering with the archives is one of the Jedi superpowers.
  • Jedi are like high-level administrators on a system, whereby everybody at that level is trusted enough to have the master password.

On Naboo

  • The refugee ship lands at an incredibly steep angle. Pete has watched this scene on a plane.
  • There are worse places to be a refugee than Naboo.
  • Callback to Lt. Danlé, a disgruntled miner from earlier in the movie.
  • How Artoo gets up stairs.
    • Since rolling droids are common, why are there never any ramps? Droids as second-class citizens.
  • Travel is very inefficient in Star Wars.
  • Padmé's impostor syndrome.
    • Lengthy exposition about the political system.
    • Mentioned: Long time.
    • Is this George responding to criticism of TPM, or is Padmé fishing for compliments?
  • Mentioned: Jar Jar's Diplodialect.
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Meta Minute

  • 30:05 podcast episode length.
  • According to Wookieepedia, Dooku left the order shortly after the death of his former Padawan, Qui-Gon Jinn. That would mean he joined the Lost Twenty ten years ago.
  • Although most Star Wars quotes enter SWM Lore organically and over time, this is the first time Pete put out a call to action promoting a new quote: "Dangerous and disturbing, this puzzle is."
  • In KOTOR, hackers are called "slicers", and they use computer spikes to slice a computer system.
  • Pete will reveal the filing locations for this movie tomorrow.
  • See a video of Jar Jar as a Buster Keaton-esque silent film star.


  • Alex: If Wesell had been successful...
  • Pete: Zam Wesell in disguise Alex: —with diamonds.
  • Pete: They felt the need for Theed. Riley: *Laughs* I'm so mad at myself for laughing at that.


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