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April 1st, 2014


Russell tries to talk some sense into the team.


Mike Dawson and El Adam


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with Michael Rapaport shouting at Saffron Burrows about whether or not they should try and escape to the surface, and ends with Samuel L. Jackson giving a rousing, inspirational speech.
  • Quotable line: "You think water's fast? You should see ice."
  • There have only been 4 deaths so far. They really need to ramp up the killings.


  • Michael Rapaport's accent sounds like it's from Queens, NY. It reminds Tony of his childhood.
  • Referenced: Raise your right hand.
  • Spoilers: LL Cool J takes care of two of the sharks.
  • The sharks giving a rousing emotional speech just like Russell.
  • If Samuel L. Jackson has a goatee, his survives the movie, but if he does not, then he dies.
  • Sam Jackson was originally cast as the Chef, but his manager said he was too good for the part, and so the director created the part of Russell for him.
    • Too bad, the Chef is a great character.
  • Deep Blue Sea drinking game: drink every time Mike says "Saffron Burrows".

Meta Minute

  • 12:25 podcast episode length.
  • This was the first April Fool's Day episode, and would set the pattern for future April Fool's Day episodes by covering a non-Star Wars film minute by minute. The STAR WARS MINUTE homepage was temporarily replaced with the homepage of the fictitious podcast "Deep Blue Sea Minute.
  • As revealed in minute 140 of Revenge of the Sith, this episode was recorded at Alex's house, before he moved to Portland.




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