Empire Minute 100: Emperor Baby

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What a cute baby!


May 30th, 2014


Steam begins to build up in the chamber. Looking up through the steam, Luke sees a dark figure standing on a walkway above him. Luke holsters his gun and moves up the stairs to face Vader. He feels confident, eager to engage his enemy.


Meredith Woerner



  • Minute 100!
  • Starts with Luke in the hallway - after being told that it's a trap - contemplating his options and figuring out what he's going to do.
  • Ends with Luke walking up the stairs to face Vader.


  • TGIF.
  • Why is R2 even there? Why didn't Luke leave him in the car?
    • Good thing that Luke did bring R2 otherwise R2 would still be on Cloud City with the X-wing.
    • How does R2 get over that little lip in the door? He must use his rockets.
  • Luke is hoisted up on a platform. This definitely would have been a Force jump in the Prequels.
  • The map of this scene doesn't make any sense:
    • Luke is following Leia and the Imperial Officer through a doorway.
    • The area behind the doorway is a closet with an elevator up to the carbon freezing chamber.
    • Where did Leia and the Imperial Officer go?
    • Maybe it's a warp pipe like in Super Mario Bros.
  • All these mechanisms on Cloud City to move things around seem very dangerous.
    • They're fast; there are no seat-belts, markings or signs. They are lawsuits waiting to happen.
    • Cloud City is a dangerous place - as is the entire Star Wars universe.
    • It's a universe without lawyers.
    • Palpatine probably went to law school (Space Yale) and has a bunch of degrees
    • The hosts would watch a frat movie starring Palaptine and his law school buddies.
    • We should have seen Palpatine as a child in the Prequels.
    • Or a Star Wars babies movie called "Emperor Baby".
    • Star Wars babies was proposed at one stage. There should be kids Star Wars and adult only Star Wars.
  • There is no music in this minute - it was all used up by Lobot. Lobot controls the ambient music on Cloud City
  • The hallway look and lighting is very 1980s. The green pillar seems to get in the way constantly.
    • Is the pillar low bearing or just decorative? It might be a fountain.
    • Is this what all of Cloud City looks like?
    • Referenced: the "Battlestar Galactica" reboot (2004) and the greenhouse on Cloud 9 or the botanical cruiser.
    • There's not a lot of windows on Cloud City.
    • It gets windy up there and you can only see clouds and sunsets. Also, what about all the gas and smells?
  • Are the Special Edition additions to Cloud City and other scenes good or bad?
    • The original Return of the Jedi is the start of adding cutesy things to Star Wars for kids.
  • Luke finally holsters his weapon, remembering his training.
    • Why isn't Vader just standing near that platform when Luke appears? He could have just instantly pushed Luke into the carbon freezing chamber.
    • Vader / Anakin is not smart or quick like this - plus Vader has a flair for the dramatic.
    • Lobot must have taught Vader how to use the technical system on Cloud City.
    • Vader wanted to see how good a Jedi Luke is.
  • The later fight scene between Vader and Luke is fantastic and is more realistic than in the Prequels. It is actual fighting that is not too good and therefore unbelievable.
  • Where did Luke's clean clothes come from? Shouldn't they still be dirty from Dagobah.
    • Maybe Jedi can use The Force to clean things and remove stubborn stains.
    • Or he stopped at the clothes planet on the way to Cloud City.
  • Vader's "not a Jedi yet" line is very dramatic.
  • The buttons on Vader's chest plate control sounds.
    • If what they do control is super important (e.g. his breathing) then why are they on the outside? This seems very risky.
    • Do the controls include a voice changer?
  • Vader calls Luke "young Skywalker" to keep the mystery of what he is about to reveal.

General thoughts from Meredith:

Meredith and The Empire Strikes Back memories:
 Meredith watched the Star wars movies on a friend's VHS set.
 She stole the Empire video and would watch it a lot.
 Her friend got in trouble because it was her brother's VHS set.
 Meredith saw the Special Editions on the big screen
 Seeing "Hope" was a great experience.
 The Empire Strikes Back was a big deal as it was a group date.
 As part of the group Meredith was going with a guy that she had a huge crush on.
 She sat next to the guy at the cinema.
 On the drive to the cinema he revealed that he hadn't seen any of the Star Wars movies.
 She was excited as she thought that they could have a shared experience of seeing the movie together.
 Meredith encouraged him that it was the best movie and he'll be fine with it.
 He wasn't very emotional but she was all over the place - she was even crying at the end.
 She just thought that he was the tough, strong, silent type.
 After the movie he said <sic> "I don't get what the big deal is with Han Solo; he's kinda stupid".
 Meredith hung her head and knew the relationship was instantly over.
 She also realised that she can't love someone that doesn't love Han Solo; and that she really loved this movie.
 He didn't like the movie and really didn't like Han - calling him stupid was inexcusable.
 She was heartbroken and just gave up on him.
 This was when Meredith realised that she had greater emotional connections to media and sci-fi than other people.
 He was probably just jealous and trying to be cool.
Meredith and the Prequels:
 Only saw The Phantom Menace once.
 She ditched school to see it.
 Realized that she didn't like the movie about an hour after seeing it.
 It's just full of bad characters.
 She waited a couple of days after it was released before going to see it.
 Saw it in a nice theater with two girlfriends
 Pete talks about his experiences with the Prequels.
 Pete's order is Star Wars and The Holiday Special; that's it.
 There are die-hard Prequel fans out there.
 Meredith doesn't hate the Prequels.
Meredith and Episode 7:
 J. J. Abrams has a mixed movie director history in Meredith's view.
 Abrams typically has great set-ups in his movies but bad endings.
 She has "basement level" expectations about Episode 7 although the quality of the cast has increased these.
 Abrams doesn't care about Star Trek as much as he cares about Star Wars.
 Star Trek was like his audition / practice for Star Wars.
 Alex is keeping his expectations low.
 The lead-up will be long with lots of information and spoilers. It will be tough.

Meta Minute

  • 28:46 podcast episode length.
  • Thanks to Meredith for the week.


  • Meredith: <Cold open> Alright!
  • Pete: It's our daily podcast where we analyze, scrutinize and "Lobot's side-eyes" the Star Wars movies one minute at a time.
  • Alex: A boy and his Lobot.
  • Meredith: Went with a friend to see Hope; it was a great experience. Alex: Did you just call it "Hope"?



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