Empire Minute 101: Meet Me in the Hallway

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June 2nd, 2014


Luke ignites his sword in answer. In an instant, Vader's own sword is lit. Luke lunges, but Vader repels the blow. Again Luke attacks, and the swords of the two combatants clash in battle.


Songe Riddle



  • We are in the carbon freezing chamber. Luke has just stepped up to confront Darth Vader.
  • Ends with Lando telling Lobot to put the stormtroopers up in the security tower.
  • This minute is like Empire 101.


  • Luke has an awkward stance at the start of this minute. Is this Mark Hamill or his double?
  • Luke's performance at the start of this battle mirrors his performance at the cave. He learnt nothing.
  • Luke draws his lightsaber first. Who's the evil one here?
  • This fight plays out like a puppy fighting a full grown dog.
    • Darth Vader is just toying with Luke.
    • It's almost like a father fighting a son.
    • Next Vader will blow a zerbet/raspberry on Luke's stomach.
  • What does it smell like? - Vader's breath:
    • Carbon dioxide.
    • Car exhaust.
    • Gases of Bespin.
  • Vader waits for Luke to attack first.
    • How long would he have waited?
    • Would they have eventually made small talk?
    • Three years?
  • There is beautiful cinematography in this scene; it is high film art.
  • This lightsaber battle is better than any in the Prequels - this proves that less is more.
  • This is the second lightsaber battle but the first one that indicates that they could be really exciting.
    • The first battle is still iconic.
    • The dangers of using florescent bulbs as lightsabers.
  • The ugnaughts must have been really annoyed at the amount of damage that the battle did to the chamber.
    • They probably started blaming each other and fighting among themselves.
    • The Empire will compensate them once the appropriate form is filled in - form 27/b according to Songe.
  • Vader is almost bored by the fight.
  • A large pipe gets cut open. This must have been full of Beldon farts.
  • Movie cuts to people walking down a hallway.
  • Lando tells Lobot what to do. How does Lobot then tell the guards?
    • Via an automated voice message to their earpieces. The message may say, or sing, a message like "meet me in the hallway".
    • Via LED words that display across the back of his headpiece.
  • The stormtroopers don't put up a fight.
  • There is racial diversity on Cloud City.
    • Minorities are poorly represented in the original trilogy. Most of them are Lando's mates in one way or another.
    • Referenced: minorities in Star Trek.
  • The term "security tower" sounds like it's from a fairy tale. It may be Cloud City code for something else (e.g. throw them off the edge).
  • The population of Cloud City.
  • Cloud City has spires at the top of it - is this the security tower and, if so, how do they all fit in there?
  • Actor Jeremy Bulloch shows up leading the imperial officers and their prisoners.
  • What is C-3PO's status here? Is he part of Chewbacca or just attached?
    • That is, is Lando rescuing C-3PO, Chewbacca and Leia or is he rescuing Chewbacca and Leia - and C-3PO just comes attached <to Chewbacca>?
    • C-3PO is like Chewbacca's iPod.
    • Lando is actually rescuing Leia and Chewie - C-3PO just comes along as part of that.
  • Jeremy Bulloch is walking along in a distracted way and doesn't put up any resistance at all.
    • Is he a secret rebel agent?
    • He's just bait for Luke, as is the torture of Han and Chewie earlier on Cloud City.
    • The loud noises that are played at Chewbacca in the cell in an earlier minute are like the approach taken with the Panamanian General Manuel Noriega. The US army surrounded his palace and blasted music (Guns N' Roses; Metallica) at him to make him leave.
    • The Empire should have played Enter Sandman at Chewie.
    • Listener project: Create a GIF of C-3PO waving his arms around to "Enter Sandman" by Metallica.
  • Jeremy Bulloch plays the character Lieutenant Sheckil.
    • Alan Harris (who was the body model for Boba Fett's armor) plays a Bespin guard in an earlier minute. He looks like Jeremy Bulloch - which completes the circle given that Bulloch physically plays Boba Fett in the original trilogy.
  • The Art Deco design of Cloud City is used consistently, even the guns and outfits are Art Deco.
  • Use of orange and teal in movies - especially modern movies.
    • The Luke and Vader scene really uses orange and teal, almost as analogues of the colors of the good and evil lightsabers in Star Wars. You can see orange and teal everywhere:
    • On Yoda's face on Dagobah as Luke takes off.
    • R2 fixing the hyperdrive.
    • In the carbon freezing chamber as Han is being frozen - it's blue in the background and red in the foreground.
      • This is an important color theme throughout the movies.
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Meta Minute


  • Alex: What did that little blue green guy say? He never did take me to Yoda Songe: That's no way to refer to Frank Oz.
  • Alex: <Singing as Obi-Wan> You take a step to the left...
  • Songe: <As an exasperated ugnaught> Ug!
  • Songe: Bespin <Cloud City> looks like a smooth disk. Pete: Smooooth disk.
  • Songe: I have a question - when you're on a train do you become the train?
  • Songe: When you're on a train - trains are really long, right? When do you get into the city? Is it when the train reaches the city or when you're actually in the city?
  • Songe: ...in the carbon freezing chamber that you guys went through. Pete: Oh we didn't personally go through it - we talked about it.
  • Pete: I'm a big fan of colors. Not the movie.



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