Empire Minute 104: Me Skywalker

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June 5th, 2014


Suddenly, Vader attacks so forcefully that Luke loses his balance and falls back into the opening. There is a rumble, and in an instant freezing steam rises to obscure Vader's vision. Vader turns aside and deactivates his sword.


Songe Riddle



  • Starts with Luke's lightsaber being twirled out of his hand by Vader; ends with Luke being told to release his anger by Vader.
  • In between there is lots of lightsabering.
  • This is the first Jedi Force jump.


  • Luke losing his lightsaber is foreshadowing of a later moment in the fight.
  • Vader does a Dracula jump from the top level of the carbon freezing chamber. Is he using The Force or his robotic legs?
    • Vader is heavy so how does he do it?
    • Vader doesn't do anything like this at any other point in the movies.
    • He would be very intimidating if he floated everywhere.
  • Luke must have hurt himself rolling down the metal steps. "Ouch" sound effects should have been added as he rolled down the stairs.
  • Luke falls into the carbon freezing chamber. Was this intentional or a genuine fall?
    • He should have rolled from the stairs directly into the carbon freezing chamber.
  • Darth Vader activates the carbon freezing chamber by pushing down a lever with The Force.
    • However it starts up earlier than this, so are the ugnaughts there?
  • The line "Your destiny lies with me, Skywalker" should have been read as "Your destiny lies with me: Skywalker!".
  • Luke falls into the carbon freezing pit. What would the carbonite block look like with Luke in this pose?
  • The jump scene must have been filmed in reverse. Hamill's double must have been hanging from a bar and then fell down while the actor playing Vader walked backwards in the background.
    • Like Peter Cushing in Top Secret. Perhaps this movie is a sequel / prequel - Sorry Pete.
  • Luke makes a pathetic face just before the Force jump.
  • What would the carbonite block look like if Luke was caught mid jump? Luke would have been partially frozen all the way through or just his legs would have been frozen.
    • It is seen in the Prequels as is Force running - although the seem to forget how to Force run.
    • This is the same as R2 forgetting how to fly.
  • Luke's rope training by Yoda becomes useful in this scene.
    • It is also foggy - just like Dagobah. Maybe this is why Yoda chose Dagobah in the first place.
  • An empty carbonite block should have come out of the chamber after Luke jumped out.
    • It would have been funny if Vader thought Luke was in the block the whole time and took it to the Emperor.
  • Listener project: Create two carbonite blocks - one of Luke crumpled up at the bottom of the carbon freezing chamber and one empty block after Luke had jumped out of the chamber.
  • Vader's overhead swings are very clumsy.
    • Anakin is bad at fighting people that have the high ground.
  • Vader says "Impressive". Luke then climbs less than a foot higher up and Vader says "Most impressive".
    • In special edition screenings Vader says "Impressive", the audience says "How impressive is it?" and then Vader says "Most impressive!".
  • Vader flinches and groans when sprayed by the hose - why?
    • It fogged up his face mask.
    • What type of gas is it?
    • Maybe this is just a scared reaction by Vader.
  • Vader is not aware that Yoda trained Luke - he assumes that it was Obi-Wan.
    • Why didn't Ben start training Luke when he was a youngling?
    • He wanted to but Uncle Owen stopped it (although Obi-Wan would have just killed Owen based on Ben Kenobi is a killer).
    • Does Anakin know that Yoda is alive?
    • He can't see Yoda because of the magic tree on Dagobah.
    • Vader must know that Yoda survived the Jedi purge.
    • Although Vader doesn't pick up on Luke being alive, living in his old house and using the name Skywalker.
  • Songe quotes two Vader lines from this minute:
  • Impressive, most impressive.
  • Rwah (or bwah) - from when Luke directs the pipe at Vader.
  • Vader only knows that Luke is up there because he makes some rattling noises.
    • Would Luke have killed Vader with a stab in the back?
    • Luke is on the border of being a Jedi so he can still do this. A professional Jedi would not do this.
  • Luke brings a gun to a lightsaber fight.
    • Luke should have shot at Vader the whole time - this is how an eight year old would write the script.
    • The hosts would like to see Luke shooting his gun and then deflecting the laser bolts at Darth Vader
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Meta Minute

  • 20:30 podcast episode length.
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  • Pete: <As Luke> Why is that lizard wearing an apron? <As Yoda> Don't worry about it.
  • Pete: Hello, I'm...Robi Don Sinobi.



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