Empire Minute 105: Star Wars House

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June 6th, 2014


Moving through a tunnellike entrance, Luke cautiously approaches the reactor room. He ignites his sword and moves into the room and toward a large window as Vader enters.


Songe Riddle



  • We're in the middle of the big Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker battle.
  • The minute starts with Vader informing Luke that the only way Luke can win is to use his hatred - that's the only way that Luke can destroy him.
  • Ends in the Bespin Control Room and round 2 of the fight.


  • Luke must be really confused. He is told by Yoda and Obi-Wan not to rush to confront Vader but now Vader is telling Luke to kill him by using his hatred.
  • What would have happened if Luke did use his hatred?
    • Luke would have turned to evil and joined Vader.
    • He may have killed Vader there and then.
    • Either way, he joins the Dark Side and the next stop is the Emperor.
    • If Luke did turn to the Dark Side there and then would Vader still have frozen Luke in carbonite?
  • How does Luke think he's doing in the battle at this point?
    • He's not thinking; he's just acting on impulse.
    • Luke thinks that he's going to win.
    • He's past the first level of the game and now needs to avoid the randomly swinging blades and then jump from platform to platform to get to Vader.
    • Luke doesn't think he's out of his depth at any stage.
  • Vader says "bwah" again as he falls off the platform.
  • Luke doesn't jump down after him - he walks around to the other side instead. This is a great camera shot in the movie.
    • As Luke walks off screen the audience can see the very top of the lightsaber prop being carried off-stage in the background.
    • Luke should have just jumped down after Vader to attack him.
  • The tube that Luke walks into is below the carbon freezing chamber somehow.
    • Alex had the tube scene on a card before he saw the movie. His babysitter said that the tube spins around really fast when Luke walks into it.
    • This is like the Universal Studios tram tour that goes through a turning ice tunnel.
    • Referenced: The two-part Six Million Dollar Man episode with Bigfoot in which this tunnel was used.
    • Kids like hiding in small spaces like this.
    • In the next special edition they should make the tube spin and Luke say "w-woah" as he tries to keep his balance.
  • Alex does not like the Bespin Control Room as much as the carbon freezing chamber. There is no real sense of the space in the movie. It just looks like somewhere for people to have a fight.
    • Referenced: The Star Trek episode in which there is a fight between Kirk and Khan. The camera pulls back and "Engineering" is just a giant empty room with mats on the floor.
    • The control room is a cool room though - it has lots of furniture and pipes.
    • It might be Lobot's workshop where he does his projects.
  • Luke knows where to go - is he following Vader by using the Force.
    • There was really only one way to go - i.e. through the tube.
    • Vader may have rolled down the tube like a Droideka droid.
  • Vader does not sneak up on Luke in this scene but does later on. He can obviously hold his breath.
  • There is a great camera shot from behind Vader as he walks towards Luke. There is well-lit corridor behind Luke.
Songe's memories of The Empire Strikes Back:
 Used to play Star Wars House with a girl in pre-school.
 He was Luke, she was Leia and they were married.
 It was a compromise between playing house and playing Star Wars.
 The Empire Strikes Back was always his favorite.
 The most stuff happens in this movie in his opinion - it visually had the most stuff to look at.
 He used to spend hours staring at the original poster - it was like something out of a dream.
 There's no lightsaber in the poster and Luke has two hats on.
 Songe saw Star Wars in the theater during a re-release and then saw The Empire Strikes Back.
 His step-dad was involved in the world of jazz and got him a copy of the album Empire Jazz.
 This had great music and artwork.
 Songe also has lots of toy memories including when his Millennium Falcon was stolen.
 He hid it in a bush while he used the bathroom but it was gone when he came back.

Meta Minute

  • 19:33 podcast episode length.
  • Thanks to, and from, Songe for the week.
  • We will see this hallway again in The Force Awakens.


  • Songe: And I'm Songe Riddle from the get go.
  • Alex: <As Luke during the battle> I'm going to make like a Senator and "bail".
  • Alex: ...like one of those <sic> Trideka droids; what are they called? Pete: Droideka droids. <Laughing> The "Trideca" Film Festival starts next month.



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