Empire Minute 111: The Green Cross Code Man

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June 15th, 2014


The live Father's Day special, pt I. Vader puts away his sword and holds his hand out to Luke.


Asterios Kokkinos and Kevin Maher



  • This is the minute that Darth Vader reveals that he could be Luke's Father.
  • Starts with Darth Vader telling Luke that Obi-Wan never told him what happened to his father.
  • Ends with Luke considering Vader's offer to rule the galaxy as father and son.


  • Where did all the wind on the gantry come from?
  • Luke seems to believe that Darth Vader is his father straight away.
  • The hosts opinion of this revelation.
  • Modern day spoilers ruining everything.
  • Referenced: Family Guy Star Wars series.
  • Movie parodies.
  • The delivery and emphasis of Luke's "...you killed him" line.
  • Why does Luke keep moving out on the gantry when Darth Vader isn't pursuing him? To try and find his hand?
  • Mention of Luuke Skywalker, the clone of Luke Skywalker made from Luke Skywalker's severed hand.
  • Vader killing Luke's father has never really come up before in the movies; yet it seems like Luke is trying to get revenge.
  • Referenced: Señor Wences, Thing T. Thing from "The Addams family".
  • "Nature versus Nurture" - Luke becoming like Anakin or Uncle Owen.
  • <Asterios> Sorry Pete - In the Prequels Luke as a baby is named Skywalker and hidden in Anakin's cousin's home. Isn't that a bit obvious? They should have named him:
    • Luke Walkskyer.
    • Wuke Sklywalker.
    • Luke Starkiller (no, no, no that'll never work).
  • How does Vader know that Luke is his son? And how does he know what Obi-Wan has told him?
  • Leather sound effect of Vader's fist closing.
  • Vader probably finds it very therapeutic to tell Luke that he is his father.
  • Vader does not make a compelling argument for Luke to join him.
    • No son wants to join the family business and grow up to be just like dad, so Luke's situation strikes a chord with young male viewers.
    • Vader's not used to persuading people to do things - he usually just Force chokes them.
  • Is Mark Hamill's acting in this scene really good or really bad? They take a vote.
    • The same people who cheered for "good acting" are the ones who cheered for "bad acting".
  • Referenced: The Simpsons.
  • David Prowse did not know what the line in the movie would be.
  • David Prowse's other roles. He was in a British PSA about crossing the street safely, where he dressed up as a superhero called the Green Cross Code Man.
  • The symbolism of the rare blinking caution light on the gantry.
  • All of Luke's hopes crumble in this scene and you can see it on his face.
  • The Jungian aspects of The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Referenced: Cool Hand Luke (1967).
  • Does Luke know that Vader is a cyborg?
  • Buying extended service contracts for cyborg hands.
  • Luke says "No!" like Anakin / Vader does in the Prequels.
  • Referenced: "Cat's in the Cradle"; Weird Al Yankovic.
  • Luke looks to the abyss as an out or option.
  • Vader says that the Emperor has foreseen that Luke can destroy the Emperor. If this is the truth, then why didn't the Emperor just tell Vader to kill Luke?
    • The Emperor was going to turn Luke and then kill Vader.
    • Maybe Vader knew this, hence his plan to team up with Luke.
    • Sith always have plans behind plans.
  • Do the hosts have any sympathy for Anakin / Vader as the hero of Star Wars? No - it's Luke story.
  • Disney is considering turning the Prequels into something called "Legends" <see Meta Minute below>.
  • Kids loving the Prequels.
 Kevin's The Empire Strikes Back memories:
 Saw it when he was five and fell asleep in the middle.
 It's a very talky movie.
 Had a bunch of Star Wars toys.
 Kevin connects to the film now by remembering the things he had as a kid.
 Asterios's memories:
 He was into the TIE fighter PC game.
 Before you could save a game at checkpoints.
 When you got blown up you died and would have to go back to the very start.

Meta Minute

  • 38:47 podcast episode length.
  • Recorded live at the Parkside Lounge, NYC.
  • Star Wars Legends was created but does not include the Prequels. That is, the Prequels are still canonical.
  • Between Minute 111 and Minute 112 there is a Star Wars Minute Programming Note.


  • Kevin: <As Vader> What's got two thumbs and wants you to join the Dark Side? This guy!
  • Asterios: ...so that nerds like us who go downtown at, like, 7:00 pm; who leave work early to talk about Star Wars or listen to Star Wars get talked about...
  • Asterios: Let's get collectively unconscious later tonight! Yeah!
  • Alex: America, ladies and gentlemen!
  • Asterios: You don't stare at another man's mouth? That's homophobic.



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