Empire Minute 113: Cosmic Operator

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June 18th, 2014


Luke tries to pull himself up on the weather vane but slips back down. He hooks one of his legs around the fragile instruments. All the while, a powerful current of air rushes out at him from the exhaust pipe.


John Champion



  • Starts with a Luke hanging from the bottom of Cloud City, and ends with Leia insisting they go back to rescue Luke.
  • First time a Jedi calls to another human using the Force.


  • Mark Hamill's post car-accident face contributes to Luke looking beat up on this scene.
  • Weathering on the underside of Cloud City.
  • Once the hatch closes, Luke immediately calls out for Ben. What's he going to be able to do to help?
    • Then he reaches to for Leia. Is Ben relaying the message to her? Sort of a cosmic operator, if you will.
    • If Leia hadn't answered, how far down his list of friends would he have gone?
      • Would she be offended that she wasn't his first choice?
  • Ben forewarned Luke that he wouldn't be able to help him this time. What is he doing right now that's so important?
  • What must Lando be thinking about all this? He probably doesn't even know about Jedi.
  • Is Leia's connection to Luke (or her Force-sensitivity) making it possible for her to hear Luke's cry for help?
    • She develops telepathy just when she needs it.
  • So many things have gone wrong for Luke. When he comes back in Return of the Jedi, he's definitely darker.
  • How awkward must it have been on the Falcon after Lando betrayed then.
  • These last few minutes would be funny overlaid with ragtime piano.
 John's Star Wars memories.
  He was around 8 when Empire came out.
  He remembers arguing with his friends that maybe Vader was actually Luke's brother and not his father.
 Toy memories.
  He had a good selection of the toys, with  a little dividing line between his Star Wars, Star Trek, and James Bond toys. 
  He would have loved to have the twin-pod cloud car, but never did. He did have the pilot though.

Meta Minute

  • 20:39 podcast episode length.
  • In a way, Mission Log was a sort of inspiration for STAR WARS MINUTE.
  • This scene would inspire Alex to make a t-shirt designed after The Clash's "London Calling".


  • John: (As Luke, through the Force) Lobot. Lobot. I know you did this.
  • Pete:...wait, I just developed telepathy - we have to turn around.



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