Empire Minute 114: Great Line

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Luke weather vane .png


June 19th, 2014


Luke hangs by one arm from the crossbar of the weather vane. He slips from the bar and grabs onto the pole of the vane as the Falcon banks toward him. The Falcon positions itself under Luke as Lando moves up through the opening of the hatch.


Doug Benson



  • Starts with Leia begging/Chewie yelling at Lando for them to go back for Luke, and ends with Lando opening the top hatch.
  • Leia is back in charge.
  • Is Leia still a princess? Her parents were killed, so she should ascend the throne, although since Alderaan was destroyed there's nothing for her to be queen of.
  • Lando's "alright alriiight" is funny, but nobody was laughing because of what has just transpired.
  • Pointless Special Edition change in this minute.


  • Discussion of whether to (and how to tackle) the Prequels minute by minute.
    • It took a lot for them to agree to do Jedi.
  • It would be hard to get away with having a puppet as a major character today.
  • This is the "Greg Dumbass Memorial podcast".
  • The Falcon's flamboyant turn.
  • Space Ships when they're not in space is always cool.
  • Perspective might be a little off (too close to some clouds, too far from others).
    • Referenced: M. C. Escher.
  • Referenced: The Millennium Falcon's appearance in The Lego Movie.
  • Referenced: The Star Wars Radio dramas.
  • What will they do when Anthony Daniels gets too old to voice C-3PO?
    • Recast him? Have him record as many words and phrases as possible now?
  • Referenced: Sandra Bullock in Gravity (2013).
  • Space weather vane.
  • Lobot as the caretaker of Cloud City, like Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining.
    • Lobot's headgear is a 70's Bluetooth.
  • Lando is probably just there to enjoy the fruits of his success; he's not a hands-on administrator.
  • If the guy they saw hanging from the underside of Cloud City was somebody else, would they have stopped to save him?
  • Public art.
  • Doug was more traumatized by Luke's hand getting cut off than by the fact that (Spoilers) Vader is Luke's father.
  • Spaceballs and its shortcomings (as compared to other Mel Brooks productions).
  • General discussion of unrelated movies.
    • CG vs. practical effects.

Meta Minute

  • 28:57 podcast episode length.
  • Ad-read: starwarsminute.com/audible
  • The Force Awakens opened on December 18, 2015. The episode released that day was TPM minute 20.
  • The Empire Strikes Back opened on May 17th, 1980 in Washington D.C., and then on May 21 (which was a Wednesday) everywhere else.
  • Lego is owned by the Lego Group, a Danish family-owned company1.
  • Threepio and Lando are actually voiced by the original actors in The Lego Movie. Han is voiced by Keith Ferguson.
  • Tom Baker recorded 11,593 phrases, containing every sound in the English language over the course of 11 days. His voice was used for the first three months of 2006. He also voiced the character The Bendu on "Star Wars Rebels".
  • Although mumbley-peg is a game played with pocketknives, the game Alex is thinking of is usually just called the Knife game.


  • Doug: Why do I always end up "Hand Solo"?



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