Empire Minute 116: Cyborgs Aplenty

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June 23, 2014


The Wookiee shrugs and pulls back on the light-speed throttle. The sound of the ion engine changes…it is winding up. Faces are tense, expectant. But nothing happens, and the engine goes off. Chewie lets out a frustrated howl. The flak still violently rocks the ship.


Joel Johnson



  • Starts with the Falcon evading TIE fighters, and ends with Artoo telling Threepio why they can't go to lightspeed.
  • Lt. Suba.
  • The shot is flipped (that's why rank insignia are on the wrong side).


  • The Falcon being shaken by TIE fighters is like "classic Star Wars".
  • Joel never used to think the Falcon was a "piece of junk" but now he sees what Luke was talking about.
  • Leia falls right back into her role of "sarcastic, arguing couple".
  • Lando as an inept character in this movie.
    • Lando abandoned post at Cloud City, just like all the former administrators probably do.
    • People are probably waiting in his office to have their petitions heard, not knowing that's he's not going to be right back.
    • Referenced: The town elders (school board) from The Music Man.
  • There are tons of cyborgs in Star Wars ("Cyborgs aplenty").
  • Referenced: Schindler's List
  • Tip of the hat to: Ben Burtt's "Falcon breaking down" sound effects.
  • Deactivating the hyperdrive is possibly the least effective way of preventing the Falcon from escaping.
    • They could have put a boot or chain on it.
    • Or just thrown it away!
  • Lando echoes Han: "It's not my fault!"
  • Subtle Special Edition change: relocated rank insignia to "fix" flipped shot.
  • Two Subas??
    • Transformation from naïve young man to jaded officer is all done with lighting.
  • How would the boarding take place if they had caught them? The "Lando hatch?" (see last week).
    • They'd probably tractor them in like the Tantive IV in Star Wars and go in by the airlock.
  • Joel courageously comes out as pro-Star Wars.
  • Plug for the L.A. live show.
  • Mentioned: How to pronounce "Millennium Falcon"

Meta Minute

  • 18:56 podcast episode length.
  • Start of All-Star Week.
  • The Wookieepedia page on cyborgs has more than 400 entries, though many of them are now "Legends".
  • We're not sure how relevant this is to today's discussion but we felt like we had to post it because it's the coolest thing we've seen in a long time (Long time). Somebody made a Lego Millennium Falcon in cross-section with just an incredible amount of detail. See it here!.
  • Something similar to putting a boot on the Falcon happens in Solo.


  • Alex: ...that term ["android"] is very offensive to cyborgs.
  • Pete: (as Vader) "Did your men break the windows on the Millennium Falcon?"
  • Alex: I assumed I had just suffered brain damage. Pete: That's... that's entirely possible.
  • Alex: There's "One-ba", and "Suba".
  • Joel: "Put my teeth on edge?" I don't know if that's a thing that happens to teeth; I think they're always on edge... Pete: But luckily, you saved thousands of dollars in orthodonture bills...



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