Empire Minute 121: Ships at Sea

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Taken from Pete's 3rd grade yearbook. He DOES look like Benny Hill.


June 30th, 2014


While Luke, Leia, and the droids stand, looking out the window of the star cruiser, two escort fighters join the large ship. Slowly, the cruiser turns and moves away into space.


Jason Crane



  • Starts with everyone watching as the Falcon departs, ends with the credit for Frank Oz, who performed Yoda.
  • The last of the "action".
  • 2-1B's lifeless husk.


  • 7-year-old Jason had never seen a movie that didn't wrap everything up at the end.
  • Awesome practical shot of ships in space.
  • Is 2-1B off? Or just standing their waiting for a tip?
    • If you re-cut and re-scored this scene, it would be the most terrifying in all of Star Wars.
  • Wookiee-sized hand-sanitizer?
  • Luke's clothes don't fit. Maybe the people who built this ship were giants.
  • Shoutout to: Unsung Heroes Irvin Kershner, John Williams, Gary Kurtz, and Leigh Brackett.
  • Mentioned: Sorry, Pete.
  • Changing the music to this scene.
  • Discussion of billing order of the second-tier actors.
    • David Prowse as Darth Vader, vs. Frank Oz performing Yoda.
  • The difficulty nowadays of crediting actors properly when there may be different actors doing motion capture vs. the voice (see: Andy Serkis) (Note: this was before CGI to "resurrect" deceased actors for Rogue One).
  • Billy Dee Williams
    • The "D" stands for "December".
      • His full name is William December Williams, Jr.
 Jason's memories of seeing the movies.
  He knew that Vader was Luke's father before seeing the film, but it was still controversial whether or not it was true.
  Jedi was the first movie he saw by himself. His grandfather dropped him off, but probably waited in the car in the parking lot the whole time.
  He was a toy kid, his favorite was the Death Star playset.
  Jason and his father could bond over Star Wars films and toys.

Meta Minute

  • 35:17 podcast episode length.
  • This is the first episode of "Fan appreciation week".
    • Jason is the only member of the listener guests this week to appear on a second episode of the show.
  • The big glowing thing is a galaxy. There is debate as to whether it is THE Star Wars galaxy, or the Rishi Maze dwarf galaxy [1].
  • In a future episode, Irvin Kershner joins us to discuss Never Say Never Again.
  • Frank Oz is credited as follows:
Film Credit
The Empire Strikes Back "Frank OZ performing Yoda"
Return of the Jedi "Frank OZ performing Yoda"
The Phantom Menace "And Frank Oz as Yoda"
Attack of the Clones "And Frank Oz as Yoda"
Revenge of the Sith "And Frank Oz as Yoda"
The Force Awakens Uncredited, but his voice was used.
The Last Jedi "With Frank Oz"
The Rise of Skywalker Only in the scrolling credits as "Yoda"
  • Andy Serkis had been announced as being cast in The Force Awakens in April of 2014, two months before this episode aired.


  • Pete: (in Long Island accent) Lovey, we're going to Tatooine on The FALcon. Inform the staff.
  • Jason: Well, the Y-wing goes without saying. Pete: Everybody gets chills when they see Y-wings.
  • Alex: Do all the Prequels end with a— Pete: A kind of nausea?
  • Pete: He [Lucas] wanted more "yes–men". Alex: ...Yeah. Pete: You're supposed to say "yes".
  • Pete: Well we'll keep sprinkling tidbits. Jason: Hey, what you do in your private time is your business, buddy.



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