Empire Minute 125: You Can't End A Movie with Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite

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July 4th, 2014


The end





  • Credit for Joe Viskocil
  • Not quite a full minute.


  • Places that Pete needs to visit that are on his "Star Wars film locations bucket list."
  • Reviews of The Empire Strikes Back, especially those from when it first came out.
    • Fairly negative reviews.
      • Vincent Canby.
      • John Simon.
      • Joss Whedon.
      • A Christian magazine The Plain Truth.
    • Positive Reviews
      • (Surprisingly) Harlan Ellison.
  • Reading from the The Brackett Draft.
  • plug for live shows and hiatus episodes.
  • Thanks to Kristen and Ella, and thanks to all the guests and the listener patrons.
  • Referenced: The evacuation code signal

Meta Minute

  • 15:34 podcast episode length.
  • This minute has the longest episode title.
  • For the episode that dropped one year ago on this day, the opening theme was replaced with [[[Wikipedia:The_Stars_and_Stripes_Forever|The_Stars_and_Stripes_Forever]] in honor of the July 4th holiday. This was not repeated for today's episode.
  • Ad-read: starwarsminute.com/amazon
  • Hardangerjøkulen is the sixth largest glacier in Norway.
    • As near as we can tell, this is pronounced like "Har-Dong-ge-GYO-kyoo-lun" (Editors note: we welcome corrections from any Norwegian contributors!)
  • Captain Needa was played by actor Michael Culver.
  • After this episode, the guys began their second hiatus. The next episode to be dropped in the feed is a brief summer update plugging tissue next live show, and then the hiatus officially ended in January.


  • Alex: ...we analyze, scrutinize, and watery eyes...
  • Alex: To be frank— Pete: —Oz.
  • Alex: (as FX-7) I'm sorry. You have a mild case of Besspin Kaalida.



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