Empire Minute 13: You Wouldn't Like That Dog

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January 29th, 2014


The huge metal doors slam across the entrance of the ice cave.


Josh Flanagan



  • Starts with Cliffy and the Deck Officer (Deck Officer) closing the shield doors.
  • Ends with Luke "fluffling" around in the snow, when he hears a ghostly voice.
  • Odds of survival at 725:1
  • Good acting by Carrie Fisher


  • Who really laid the odds on Han and Luke's survival? It seems like this is more Threepio's thing than Artoo's.
  • Spoilers: The odds of surviving the asteroid belt are far worse.
  • Mentioned: Jimmy the Greek, "from time to time", Chewbacca's life debt
  • Origin of the "raise your right hand" running joke.
  • C-3PO's "robot rules"
  • C-3PO is more sympathetic (but is human-prejudiced) when he says that Luke is clever for a human.
    • But is Luke all that clever?
  • Why do they need to close the doors? Why were they open in the first place?
  • Differences from Star Wars.
    • Step up in camera work and bigger budget.
  • Deleted Chewbacca subplot
    • Han-Chewie-Leia conflict triangle. Chewbacca was supposed to be jealous of Leia.
    • Although interesting from a storytelling standpoint, it is unnecessary and would make us not like Chewie as much.
    • Squabbling within the unit in later seasons/series of The West Wing and Star Trek are discussed.
  • Call the hotline!

Meta Minute

  • Cold Open: Amazon ad
  • 15:41 podcast episode length.
  • 725 to 1 odds of survival are only slightly better than the odds of a narwhal being born with 2 tusks. For more fun probability comparisons like this one, see Reigarw Comparisons on YouTube.
  • Disney actually sells a rainbow-plated BB Droid as part of its Pride collection.


  • Josh: <Chewbacca noises>
  • Pete: Did you say "fluffling?"
  • Pete: Are we at Droid Pride week already?
  • Pete: Chewie's "howl of freedom". Josh: I called it his "soul growl."
  • Josh: The "Bros and Hos quotient."



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