Empire Minute 19: Space Turkey

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The resemblance is... uncanny.


February 6th, 2014


Rieekan looks up grimly from a console screen. He calls over to Leia and Han.


Asterios Kokkinos



  • PA line "Headquarters personnel report to the command center".
  • Probe droid "dialog"
  • Threepio is fluent in six million forms of communication.


  • It kind of seems like Rieekan calls Han "Princess".
  • In the original draft, it was General Dodonna and Commander Willard who are commanders of Echo Base, instead of General Rieekan. Maybe they couldn't get the actors back?
  • Mentioned: Leigh Brackett
  • Is this the entire Rebellion right here?
    • If yes, then where is everybody else (e.g. Mon Mothma, Ackbar, etc.)?
    • If no, and there are other Rebel cells, then it lowers the stakes for the upcoming battle.
  • Zev sure seemed proud that he found Han and Luke. Maybe there was some sort of prize for the pilot that brought them back (see: the name of this episode).
  • The flat rejection of Han's guess about the signal coming from one of their speeders is amusing.
    • Obviously it isn't a speeder.
    • But if you don't know what it is, Han, then how do you "know" it's not friendly?
  • What if the Empire was also offering a prize to whichever probe droid found the Rebels? The probe droid would have been so happy right before it blew up.
  • Mentioned: people hate toy talk.
  • Asterios shares his memories of having the snowspeeder toy.
  • Callback to discussion from minute 17: if the snowspeeder only holds two, how did all three of them get back?
  • Asterios shares his ESB memories.
  • Mentioned: Raise your right hand
  • Referenced: "The Tracey Ullman Show", Memento (2000)

Meta Minute


  • Alex:...we analyze, scrutinize, and celebrate the Star Wars movies one agonizing minute at a time.
  • Pete: (ironically) Now, why would somebody spend that much time on a Star Wars-related project? Asterios: Real waste of time, right boys? You'd have to be a real nerd.
  • Pete: Everybody, just remember that from yesterday.
  • Pete: If you haven't seen Empire Strikes Back, stop listening now.
  • Asterios: [Han Solo is] just like a little kid, he just wants to have an opinion. <heavy sarcasm> I wonder what that would feel like.
  • Asterios: You can't escape the incest in this series!



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