Empire Minute 1: A Dark Time for the Rebellion

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January 13th, 2014


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...





  • Starts with 20th Century Fox logo and ends mid-way through the opening crawl.
  • The original edition movie is being used for this podcast.


  • First episode of the new season.
  • Future Star Wars movies will not have the 20th Century Fox opening.
  • The fan's reaction to the title of this movie.
  • The novelization of the movie is discussed.
  • Listener project: Research and report back on how Yoda's lines are written in the novelization of ESB. Are they in Yodaese?
  • The majority of the opening is very similar to Star Wars - this is comforting for audiences.
  • Empire is not titled "Star Wars II" like other movies of that era (and possibly now).
  • Referenced: Indiana Jones, Ocean's 11, 22 Jump Street, Harry Potter.
  • First time an episode number was used before a Star Wars movie - episode 5. This was confusing at the time.
  • The text of the crawl starts with "It's a dark time for the rebellion..." which is in contrast with the way Star Wars finished and also sets the tone for the rest of Empire.
  • Support the Show and 8-DAY-GREEDO reminders.

Meta Minute

  • 12:12 podcast episode length.
  • Alex says that the special edition changes to this movie may actually enhance it rather than detract from it.
  • Fox made / paid for Star Wars however Lucas was going to pay for Empire himself. Ultimately he ran out of money and Fox paid for the movie to be finished.
  • Alex's story about his parents seeing the movie without him (or his brother). This is also referenced in episode 60 of SWM:WE.
  • Correction from SWM: Lucas was fined by the Director's Guild for Empire NOT Star Wars due to no opening credits.
  • Listener and future guest of the show Eric Deutsch will later report on how Yoda talks in the ESB novelization.


  • Alex: What kind of sadistic parents are these?
  • Alex: ...whatever episode 2 is called.
  • Alex: It's freedom, man!



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