Empire Minute 20: Executorized

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Peter Mayhew: now I've got snow on both my mouths


February 7th, 2014


The probe droid has spotted Chewbacca who, not thirty feet away, has popped his head over a snow bank. Instantly, the probe robot swings around, its deadly ray ready to fire. But before it can get a shot off, it is hit from behind by a laser bolt, and explodes in a million pieces.


Asterios Kokkinos



  • Imperial probe droid, A.K.A. the Probot
    • Looks pretty fake as it rolls along.
  • First introduction of the full Imperial March.
  • Star Destroyer mania.
  • First TIE bomber.


Spider legs.jpeg
  • How bad is this probe droid that Han and Chewie can sneak up on it? Shouldn't it be detecting life forms?
  • Why does it shoot at Chewbacca? Has it been blasting everything it's encountered in Hoth?
  • Once again Chewbacca is the put-upon servant.
  • Do probe droids scuttle or float?
  • Mentioned: B'omarr monks, Superman, FX-7
  • Parallels between probe droids and drone warfare.
  • Did the Probot actually self-destruct, or did Han straight up shoot it in the face?
    • At what point does the probe droid's self destruct activate?
  • Referenced: Pig Latin, Gentrification.
  • Shoutout to former guests of the show Tony Consiglio and Gaz Gretsky.
  • Star Wars/Other nerd culture-themed weddings.
  • Executor Talk.
    • "Executor"? Not "Executioner"?
    • When Pete was a kid, he didn't realize it was that much bigger.
  • Mentioned: Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch.
  • Differences from the Brackett Draft
    • Vader was not Luke's father in this draft.
  • Star Wars (and other video games)
  • Lobot and Probot are siblings.

Meta Minute

  • 27:26 podcast episode length.
  • Callback to minute 4: Alex doesn't believe in horses.
  • Sorry, Alex, according to Wookieepedia, probe droids have a repulsorlift engine that lets them operate over any terrain.
  • More discussion of the name of the Super Star Destroyer next episode.


  • Asterios: Once again Chewbacca gets the sad end of the stick on this. Alex: Sad but not unexpected.
  • Alex: Chewie's like, "Can I at least put a coat on?" "No."
  • Asterios: (incredulously) What's the point of this podcast if we're not going to talk about whether or not a probe droid has spider legs?!
  • Asterios: Ah yes we've launched the Voyager I satellite. Make sure we give it a machine gun and a rocket launcher...
  • Alex: (Referring to the probe droid's many arms) That's like bubble wrap to a Wookiee!
  • Pete: You just got 'Executorized'!
  • Alex (as the Emperor) "I declare the—" <weird falsetto> "I declare the Senate dissolved!" Asterios: <in sinister old man voice> "And by the way, I'm definitely not the Emperor; I'm still Chancellor Palpatine." (as the Senate) "We know you're not Chancellor! We know you're the Emperor—" (as Palpatine) "Hold on one second, I need to go to the bathroom." *walking noises* Comes back, "I'M EMPEROR PALPATINE! EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO CHANCELLOR PALPATINE! That guy's got some great ideas."
  • Alex: (à la Deck Officer) Imperial Officer!



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