Empire Minute 25: Toryn Farr

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February 14th, 2014 - Valentine's Day.


The Rebel transport and two escort fighters begin their departure from the ice planet.


Kristen Siebecker, Ella Moran, and Boo Wong.



  • Starts with Leia at Echo Base rallying the Rebel troops; ends with Leia's understudy - Communications Officer Toryn Farr - giving the instructions to fire the ion cannon.
  • Includes a 15-second scene from Hoth's surface that has eerie music and no speaking. It is a hold your breath, scene setting moment.
  • Line "Good. Our first catch of the day" heard. Delivered by Captain Xamuel Lennox.


  • Minute starts with only about a quarter of Leia's head visible; she seems tiny surrounded by a circle of guys.
  • The welder in the background is Chewbacca working on the Millennium Falcon.
  • The Rebel's question about the fighters against a Star Destroyer seems legitimate. However Leia seems exasperated by the question—she was just about to tell them about the ion cannon. There's not much urgency, concern or professionalism from the guys during the briefing. Also, perhaps they all knew about the ion cannon already (from the last briefing) and it was just this one guy who missed it; it's always this one guy!
  • The hosts really like the scene-setting moment on Hoth's surface.
  • ETR tells of the time that she and PTR watched this movie with some four-and-a-half year olds. (The kids sat almost all the way through it - right up until the last 20 minutes; although ETR and PTR made them watch it to the end.) ETR noticed two things about this scene during this watching of the movie:
    • It's a beautiful sunny day for a battle; this is not the norm for modern movies. There are clouds over the horizon though. Is this bad weather or an Imperial cloaking device for the walkers?
    • The Rebel shields don't go all the way to the ground so hence the need for trench warfare; which seems strange in a Star Wars context. Also, can't the ion cannon (a V-150) take care of the enemy? Why are ground troops even required?
  • Pros and cons of the ion cannon. The next minute will reveal more about the these weapons.
  • Leia is inside the base talking to General Carlist Rieekan (with the weird "Purina" logo patch on his jacket). They are running a technical, tactical wall thing that looks like a large etched-glass spirograph. What is this thing and what do they use it for? Also, it doesn't seem very practical given that it only shows one thing and can't be easy to move. What happens if they want to look at something else?
  • Cool spaceship action with sped up music to add to the tension.
  • Leia looks like she has a name tag on her vest. What does it say? Leia; Princess?
  • The Imperial spaceship is called the Tyrant.
  • Xamuel Lennox's "first catch of the day" line:
    • Is there fishing in space?
    • He is standing there by himself with two loiterers off to his side; what are the loiterers actually doing?
    • Lennox is just staring out the window.
  • Cut back to Toryn Farr giving instructions to ion control (the minute ends before she finishes her line).
  • Toryn Farr is a hero that has helped injured soldiers and has sacrificed her own safety to do so. She is also one of the last people to leave Hoth and is very dedicated to the Rebellion.
  • Toryn Farr and Leia are the only two female characters that have lines in this movie.
  • No mentioning of the Prequels out of respect to Pete.

Meta Minute

  • 12:36 podcast episode length.
  • Valentine's Day episode, hosted by the Star Wars Minute wives.
  • According to Alex, this is the only episode of the show that he has listened to, as it is the only episode of SWM (excluding episodes of SWM:WE) on which he does not appear.
  • Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant is named, but forgotten by the next episode.
  • The guy being dubbed with the robotic-sounding voice is Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, who we will hear more about later in the film.
  • Host memories of the movies are discussed:
    • ETR reminds everyone that she and PTR once watched the movie with some four-and-a-half year olds.
    • The hosts have seen the movie regularly (say once a year).
    • Kristen talks about the 1997 special edition relaunch of the movie:
      • This was a hot ticket in New York.
      • Kristen and Alex were supposed to go and see it with Tony Consiglio and Alex's brother Andrew Robinson.
      • Alex and Tony were delayed so Kristen and Andrew left their two tickets at the box office but they never showed up.
      • So it ended up being Kristen and Andrew watching the movie together in four seats that they saved for basically the whole movie.
      • Exactly why Alex and Tony didn't show up is not known; they were either too late so didn't bother OR they were watching the movie somewhere else.
      • However Kristen still married that guy! Happy Valentine's Day.
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  • The hosts ace - absolutely ACE - the "Star Wars Minute" sign-off. BAM!


  • Kristen: "Hats off for the braids!"
  • Kristen: (mechanically) "Two fighters against a Star Destroyer?"



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