Empire Minute 29: We're Doin' It, Dwight!

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"Dead or alive, you're coming with me!"


February 20th, 2014


Wedge's speeder races through the legs of one of the monstrous walkers.


Adam Santiago



  • Introduction of Wedge for the film.
  • This is actually Denis Lawson's real voice this time.
  • First live communication (presumably) via hologram.
  • Wilhelm Scream.


  • Given that Luke is a terrible commander, Wedge is probably irritated in this scene.
  • Wedge is Rogue 3 - he received no promotion for helping blow up the Death Star.
  • Referenced: Fredo Corleone from The Godfather movies.
  • Alex's pet peeve: Janson does a great shot and smiles here, so he is a great shot and a practical joker in all of the Expanded Universe.
  • Wedge is a front-seat driver
  • Referenced: Queequeg from Moby Dick
  • But seriously though, why do the snowspeeders even have harpoons?!
    • Maybe to tow the ion cannon around?
  • Cocky Veers
    • Is he actually talking to Vader live? or a recording of him?
  • Unintimidating Vader holograms.
  • "Which Rebel should you be?" personality quiz.
  • Mentioned: Deck Officer.
  • Rogue Squadron is now thought of as "cool" but was it the bad assignment when Luke was Rogue Leader? Comparison to the "Miracle Mets".
  • Ian Liston (Janson), John Morton (Dak), John Ratzenberger (Maj. Bren Derlin), and Jack McKenzie (the Socially Inept Deck Officer) were all in A Bridge too Far together.
  • Adam is firmly pro-Empire Strikes Back.
  • Star Wars is The Hobbit to The Empire Strikes Back's Lord of the Rings

Meta Minute

  • 15:47 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: ad for the dollar shave club.
  • Pete says "Star Wars..." leaving a long pause, which left an opening for Alex to pretend to close the show
  • According to Wookieepedia, Janson is from Taanab.
  • Alex hasn't seen RoboCop, or Robotech. It's funny that he blindly agrees with the comparison made by Adam.


  • Alex: "Come on, Janson release the cable!" and he's like "I know! I'm the gunner! I know what to do."
  • Pete: You know, it takes a village... to be destroyed by an AT-AT.
  • Adam: I like how you went from Robotech to RoboCop. That, that works too. Alex: "Robo—" and then I stopped listening.
  • Adam: How'd they get in Gandhi?
  • Alex: I thought about Empire recently. For some reason I was thinking about Empire Strikes Back.



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