Empire Minute 30: Everything's Where It Should Be

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February 21st, 2014


Muffled distant explosions create widening cracks in the ice roof of the hangar. Trying to ignore the noise and falling bits of snow, Han works on one of the Falcon’s lifters while Chewie works on one of the wings.


Adam Santiago



  • Minute 30!
  • Starts with the detached cable tripping an AT-AT and the Rebels having their first victory against them; ends with R2-D2 being loaded into an X-wing and a "couple of extra shots of stuff going on".
  • Wedge exclaims "That got 'im" when the Walker explodes.
  • Return of the vacuum hat in this minute.


  • The cable being very strong given that it totally restricts the Walker's movement. Must be made of Diamondium (unbreakable material from Futurama).
  • Referenced: Futurama.
  • Great shot of the Walker falling, face-planting and then exploding. The crew of the Walker must fall like they're on a roller-coaster.
  • The Rebels surge forward but then a snowspeeder blows up the Walker. Rebel ground troops were probably killed by the explosion.
  • Why did the Walker suddenly become vulnerable to the lasers once it had fallen? Because the AT-AT's only armor was its pride; once it fell over it lost its pride and self-confidence, and therefore its armor.
  • The AT-AT basically collapsed when it fell; not very sturdy.
  • Luke may have been shooting the joints of the AT-AT to blow it up.
  • AT-ATs are protected by strong armor AND a force field:
    • Once the AT-AT falls and loses power, its force field is down.
    • This means that the Rebels can shoot directly at the armor.
    • The armor is not strong enough by itself to resist the laser attack.
    • The AT-AT therefore explodes.
    • The force field shields against lasers not physical objects - hence the harpoon can still get through.
    • (Pete drops the mic!)
  • Back at the Rebel base general Rieekan signals the start of the evacuation by, somewhat strangely, launching a patrol. Leia quickly corrects this by telling the ground troops to leave. Rieekan is totally frazzled as he knows that he's taking the fall for this attack; he's probably drunk by this point. Or maybe he's lost it after losing Dak.
  • K-3PO, the West Coast 3PO, is still doddering around in this scene. K-3PO's fate is to be discussed in a later podcast episode.
  • Mentioned: Spoilers
  • They're STILL trying to put the Millennium Falcon back together. Han really left it to the last minute.
  • The way that Han says and indicates "this one goes there and that one goes there" tends to indicate that Chewie got it totally right and everything's where it should be.
  • No technical jargon in this scene; the hosts like this.
  • The camera shot of the repair to the Falcon has great depth as we can see the ground troops evacuating - or going on patrol - in the background.
  • Tearful farewell between C-3PO and R2-D2. Anthony Daniels was very unnerved when he found out that 3PO and R2 were going to be separated for most of the movie after this scene. Pete will reveal exactly how long in a later podcast episode.
  • The hosts have a confusing discussion about the time / minutes elapsed in the movie versus the time elapsed in the actual story.
  • How long in "story time" are 3PO and R2 separated for? Difficult to answer this as:
    • The Bespin / Cloud City story seems quite short.
    • The Luke training story seems like it should take much longer.
    • Pete says "three days"; Adam says "a week" ("48 minutes" in movie time); Alex says "four years".
  • The question of "How much time is occurring, in-universe) is a common question brought up on the show, with few clear canonical answers.
  • Daniels ultimately asked Lucas to make sure that 3PO and R2 were together again in ROTJ - which basically means that Daniels likes acting with a specific prop, much like a dancer with their favorite equipment. (This leads Adam to tell a story about a friend's birthday party during which a dancer noticed his Star Wars tattoo and the dancer also had a Star Wars tattoo that she showed to Adam.)
  • Referenced: Ozzel is a secret Rebel agent
  • How does the X-wing get from inside the hangar to outside on the icy plain? R2 is sitting in the spaceship for this whole time.
  • Given how important R2 is, do they have a special crew member to handle him? Yes, because Luke gets everything he wants - a) because he's special and b) because he knows the Jedi mind trick.
  • Is R2 programmed to "reap the benefits" of being Luke's droid?
    • Pete and Adam say yes—R2 is kind of like a Dak in that way. Luke treats them the same and the D in R2-D2 may actually stand for Dak—i.e. R2-Dak2.
    • Alex says no—programming droids with pride would be very problematic.
  • R2 may have flown the X-wing from the hangar to the icy plain. This is one of his jobs.
  • The 3PO and R2 scene may be the most romantic scene to this point in the movie.
  • General Rieekan says that it's too risky to send two transports at a time but gets overruled by Leia again. Rieekan gives her stink-face as a result.
  • Thanks to Adam for the week's shows. Adam plugs his shirt on sale - JJ Walker frozen in carbonite. Alex says that sounds like a drink and Adam says it's like a DAK-ari.

Meta Minute

  • 19:08 podcast episode length.
I'm your host, Golden Tony, you just heard "evacuation code signal" from the album "Sounds of C-3PO rebooting. Next up, we've got...

  • Pete wrote down how many minutes it is until 3PO and R2 are reunited, but failed to bring this up when this occurs.
    • Just for your information: [Spoilers] 72 minutes and 16 seconds until they are reunited.


  • Pete: <Intro> It's our daily podcast where we analyse, scrutinize and RIGHT-between-the-eyes the Star Wars movies one minute at a time.
  • Pete: Speaking of Expanded Universe rationalizations, here's mine.
  • Alex: Cut the chatter, Rogue 3. Adam: Or from now on, Rogue 4. (as Wedge) "What?! Well I never!"
  • (All as General Rieekan) Alex: Who cares anymore? Adam: Dak's dead! Pete: Launch the patrol; see if I care.
  • Adam: Never forget Dak—he'll always be here.
  • Alex and Pete: <sign-off> We'll be Dak on Monday.



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