Empire Minute 32: Rebellion 1st, Conservation 2nd

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Threepio gives the "evacuation code signal"


February 25th, 2014


Han hurries into the command center. It is a shambles, but some people are still at their posts. As he enters, a gigantic cave-in almost obliterates the room. He finds Leia and Threepio near one of the control boards.


Mike Norton



  • Starts with Luke exiting his crashed snowspeeder; ends with Leia telling Toryn Farr to give the evacuation code signal.


  • Toryn Farr seems to have multiple roles - ion cannon control and communications officer. She's filling in during the evacuation.
  • Immediately after Leia telling Toryn Farr to give the evacuation code signal we see C-3PO freak out followed by an explosion. Is that the evacuation code signal? Pete hopes so.
  • The Sad death of K-3PO (which is the sequel to The Trial of General Rieekan). K-3PO has a second life in EU - its memory units are recovered and placed into a M-3PO droid which served with Rogue Squadron. M-3PO's story, along with K-3PO's, is discussed.
  • K-3PO is played by Chris Parsons - who also plays 4-LOM later in the movie. Anthony Daniels no longer has to play every humanoid droid in the movies.
  • Is the Walker purposely trying to crush Luke's crashed snowspeeder?
    • Mike thought so as a kid and then tells his story of seeing the movie for the first time (see below).
    • If the Walker isn't trying to crush the snowspeeder then how does Luke manage to crash directly in its path. Classic Skywalker, using The Force!
    • If the Walkers are trying to target the generator then why would they go out of their way to crush a crashed snowspeeder?
    • When Luke's snowspeeder gets hit he flies by one Walker and then crashes in front of another. He was trying to crash land near one so that he could attack it.
    • This sequence would have been very different if Dak was still alive and hollering at Luke to get him out of the snowspeeder.
  • What is Luke doing when he reaches back into the cockpit? Trying to rescue Dak's body; grabbing the harpoon gun; going for Dak's wallet.
  • Referenced: Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick.
  • If Luke was trying to rescue Dak's body, and was ultimately successful, what would Luke have done next?
  • Dak has the harpoon gun attached to his belt and Luke is trying to get it off the belt.
  • Why do they even have a portable harpoon gun? What is it used for? If the main gun breaks then the gunner can open the window and use the portable gun instead.
  • The gun can't be for attacking AT-ATs the way Luke does because they don't all have lightsabers. The rebels should have just shot lightsabers at the AT-ATs.
  • Lightsabers to be discussed in more detail in the next podcast episode.
  • If the Walker was purposely trying to crush the snowspeeder then:
    • a)That's irresponsible given their main mission, and;
    • b)There should have been camera shots of the AT-AT crew in the cockpit bearing down on the snowspeeder as they laugh and take bets on whether the driver can do it or not - and then high-fiving each other afterwards.
  • The Walker crushing the snowspeeder is very unsatisfying. It should have been completely flattened and / or stuck to the Walker's foot.
  • The Rebels are leaving behind a lot of trash - ion canons, tactical displays, K-3PO's body etc. In a universe with a billion planets is environmentalism even a concern for the Rebellion? The Empire clearly doesn't care - they're even blowing up planets!
  • Han Solo has been fed up for the whole movie so far - and especially in this minute. Han just doesn't like the cold - he's always wearing a jacket in the movies so he must be a cold person.
  • The drunk General Rieekan gets left on Hoth as well.
  • It actually doesn't seem to be that cold in the rebel base - they're walking around in light winter clothes. It's like one of those ice hotels in Norway and definitely has heating because C-3PO mentions it in an earlier minute.
  • Intercom announcement about the Imperial troops entering the base. Pete used to say this over the intercom at Forbidden Planet. The voice on the intercom sounds like Radar O'Reilly from MASH or the actor that does the announcements in MASH - Sal Viscuso.

Meta Minute

  • 19:18 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read fathead.com.
  • Mike's story about seeing the movie for the first time:
    • Him and his family were living in Jackson Tennessee.
    • Back then you didn't know what movies were coming out; you just heard or read about them in the newspaper.
    • His Mum said the new Star Wars movie is out and so Mike and his brother started hollering to go right away. Mum said no; they'll have to see it some other time.
    • They then went out for dinner next to a theater that was playing the movie and Mike and his brother pitched a fit to go and see it.
    • The theater only had two seats but the whole family went to see it; His brother sat in his Mum's lap and Mike sat in his Dad's lap.
    • The snowspeeder crash scene seemed to take much longer than a minute.




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