Empire Minute 33: Poop Hatch

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February 26th, 2014


The walker's giant feet continue to pound onward across the frozen snow. Stray laser bolts whistle by Luke as he climbs up the cable to the walker's hull, reaching a small hatch. Hanging precariously, Luke cuts the solid metal hatch with his laser sword.


Mike Norton



  • The end of the Hoth battle. Han and Leia are starting to evacuate the command center and it ends a minute later when Luke Skywalker single-handedly takes down a Walker and it falls over on the ground.
  • Final appearance of the Scout / Chicken Walker until ROTJ.


  • For Mike, Luke taking down a Walker with a lightsaber was the coolest moment in Star Wars movies up until this point. All done with toys and CG but it all looks so real. Really well done.
  • Luke likes swinging his lightsaber, looking through binoculars and swinging on ropes.
  • Mentioned: Luke's nickname is "Wormie"
  • The hosts like the scene of the Walkers blowing up the trench area.
  • Why can the lightsaber attack the Walker given its shields?
    • Luke doesn't cut the armor - he just cuts the latch / lock off a door.
    • This door must be the Walker's Achilles' heel. It's a very tricky shot for snowspeeders.
    • Amazing that Snowtroopers didn't just start pouring out the door.
    • It may have been the lavatory on the Walker. It was lucky that a stream of frozen poop didn't just start falling out the door on to Luke.
  • Earlier Luke was surprised to find out that the Walker's shields and armor were resistant to the lasers and yet he now knows exactly where the poop hatch is. Either:
    • He knew exactly what he was doing.
    • It was some insane, and lucky, plan.
    • He sensed it at a subconscious Force level, based on the concerned thoughts on the Walker's driver.
    • The Imperials needed a Light Saber Proof Poop Hatch - or a LSPPH. The guy who was in charge of installing this probably forgot but thought to himself "what are the chances of that ever happening"; much like what you think when you sit on the emergency aisle of an aircraft. Also, it's like making your car alligator proof.
  • The technology behind, and rules of, lightsabers. Pete says that a gun that shoots lightsabers would be the perfect weapon with which to attack an Imperial Walker.
  • How many lightsabers are there in the Star Wars universe and how are they made? The concept that only Jedis can build them seems strange to Mike; surely Art Carney (the character AND the actor) could build one of those things.
  • Luke throws a thermal detonator into the Walker.
Long way to fall.jpg
  • How tall are the Walkers?
    • Pete - Their bellies are three to four stories off the ground. "30 to 40 feet".
    • Mike - "60 feet".
    • Alex - Wookieepeedia AT-ATs - "73 feet high" (total height).
    • That's a long fall for Luke!
  • Luke's heroic moment / attack makes absolutely no difference to the outcome of the attack.
  • It would have been cool to see other snowspeeders take down a few Walkers with their cables in the background. Wedge was the only one to successfully do it - the true Hero of the Rebellion.
  • The Rebels only destroyed two Walkers (there is also a cut scene in which a snowspeeder crashes into the mouth of a Walker, see minute 28).
  • General Veers talk in the next podcast episode.
  • The Walkers are very mechanical, locomotive type machines; very steam-punk.
  • The grenade that Luke throws into the Walker makes a nice Christmas light show - perhaps it is a Christmas grenade - and then, for some reason, makes the AT-AT's head explode.
  • Before the AT-AT explodes it stops walking for a second, like an animal about to throw up. The Daft Punk guys making the Walker walk must have either:
    • Heard a noise and stopped the Walker, or;
    • Saw the "Poop Hatch Open" warning light on the dashboard.
  • The interior shot of the Walker during Luke's attack would have showed:
    • One Snowtrooper falling through the hatch while going to the bathroom.
    • The other Snowtroopers wondering what happened to him.
    • A grenade suddenly popping through the hatch into the Walker.
    • The Snowtroopers kicking it around for a second to try and get it back down the poop hatch.
    • The grenade then exploding and setting off all the Snowtroopers weapons.
    • A proton laser from one of the weapons then firing into the cockpit.
    • The cockpit exploding.
    • OR, the AT-AT just thought of something that it had never though of before and totally blew its own mind.
  • Listener project: Create a GIF of an AT-AT having its mind blown by a thought.
  • Or the explosion is just due to typical crappy Imperial engineering - the poop hole leads straight to the head. Or, this is intentional so that the crew - and especially General Veers - don't have to walk all the way to the back of the Walker to go to the toilet. Actually, it's probably General Veers "first-class" bathroom that blows up.
  • How Snowtroopers go to the toilet.
  • Luke had to attack the lock / hatch because of the laser-proof material used on the Walkers. That is, he couldn't just hack away at the Walker's feet to achieve a similar result. What material repels lasers and lightsabers?
  • Did Luke have his lightsaber on him back in the trash compactor in Star Wars?
    • If he didn't, where was it?
    • If he did, why didn't he just use that to get them out of the trash compactor?
    • Answers - a) He may not have known how to use it that way then and b) It was probably under the Stormtrooper outfit and therefore difficult to access (classic newbie mistake).
  • He still may not fully know how lightsabers work and what they can do. As a full-blown Jedi he would have climbed up the AT-AT and cut it to ribbons as he went (idea copyright Star Wars Minute 2014).
  • If this scene was shot now it would include so many more Walkers and other vehicles.

Meta Minute

  • 26:34 podcast episode length.
  • Toy-talk:
    • Mike remembers having the ion cannon / trench playset as a kid and everything just blows up in the toy.
    • Alex mentions the similar Imperial Hoth playset that was also available.
    • Pete mentions the Star Wars miniature playsets (e.g. Bespin gantry).
    • Mike mentions the small Kenner cardboard playsets that used to be available (they were like dioramas). Star Wars was R2-D2 with the Jawa transporter; ESB was Cloud City AND Hoth (which was basically just the Jawa transporter set colored white - with a Snowtrooper instead of R2-D2 and a Walker instead of a Sandcrawler).
    • More toy talk in the next podcast episode.
  • Later in the episode, the hosts also talk about Mini-Rigs at length.
  • Referenced: G.I. Joe; He-Man; Barbie; Cabbage Patch Kids.
  • Call 8-DAY-GREEDO with information about the mini-Rigs and other toys.


  • Alex: I wrote down Wookiee. Mike: You wrote down Wookiee? Pete: You do that for all the minutes. (Alex doesn't work out why he wrote this down and asks listeners to call 8-DAY-GREEDO if they know what Wookiee might mean in this context.)
  • Alex: <Impersonation of mechanical Walker noises.>
  • Alex: As a Daft Punk guy at the controls of the Walker that Luke attacks "Captain, we're losing poop hole pressure rapidly!".
  • Alex: "Could not Luke..." I'm speaking in Yodaese!



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