Empire Minute 35: His Zip-It Finger

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February 28th, 2014


Chewie lets out a relieved shriek at seeing Han and Leia running toward the ship. The Wookiee runs out into the falling ice, lets out a howl, then runs up the ship's ramp. Han and Leia run up the ramp after him, closely followed by Threepio.


Mike Norton



  • Han calls C-3PO "Goldenrod"
  • First time we see the Falcon interior this film.
  • First appearance of the Wookiee sauna/steamy makeout room.


  • Vader is leading from the front (because of his obsession with Luke).
    • He is more Kirk than Picard in that respect because he goes on the away mission.
  • David Prowse definitely couldn't see where he was going in this scene.
  • Threepio's look to the camera during his comedy bit.
    • á la Oliver Hardy, Mr. Roper, and every modern TV character.
  • Who convinced Han to go back for C-3PO? How?
    • Leia?
    • Chewie? Because they need him to help with repairs, or because Chewie is looking for a chess partner.
      • But we don't know if C-3PO knows how to play.
  • Han's fondness for obscure crayon colors.
  • Referenced: Wilson, the volleyball from Castaway, the Evacuation code signal, the after credits sting from Airplane!.
  • Darth Vader's cape(s).
  • Callback to Star Wars Minute 60

Meta Minute


  • Mike: I feel like a real little boy.
  • Alex: Regular Kinkos customer: Han Solo.
  • Alex: "Toilet bowl thing." I don't know what I was going for there... I still have the poop hatch on my mind.
  • Pete: (as Vader) I can't see behind me! Alex: I can barely see in front of me!



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