Empire Minute 42: RoboCamels

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March 11th, 2014


Suddenly, there is a cracking sound as if limbs were being broken off trees and then a tremendous jolt as the spacecraft stops. Luke pulls a switch and his canopy pops open.


Dan McCoy and Elliott Kalan



  • Starts with Luke and R2-D2 plummeting through the atmosphere towards a watery end; ends with Luke and R2-D2 cautiously exiting the crashed X-wing onto Dagobah.


  • A minute of travelling through fog and tree branches via a windshield's eye view.
  • Referenced: Planet of the Apes (similar 'low-rent' crash scene).
  • Why do they crash and not just land normally? Because of the fog? Is Yoda crashing the ship so that Luke and R2-D2 are near him?
  • Referenced: The Far Side comic strip.
  • Luke's only response to crashing is to say "hang on!".
  • Luke clearly still needs Jedi training. Pete discusses his theory that up until this point Luke's action has been controlled by Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan as the ghost puppet-master of Star Wars.
  • Luke crashes his second spaceship in ten minutes.
  • Luke throws his gloves away in disgust - hope he doesn't need them.
  • Luke takes a guess that Dagobah has an oxygen based atmosphere.
  • Luke can detect life on Dagobah from the planet's outer atmosphere even though the rebels couldn't find Luke on Hoth when he was only 20 minutes away.
  • R2-D2 pops himself out of the X-wing. He should have used his rocket jets to do this (R2's rocket jets are shown in the Prequels).
  • R2-D2 should have stayed in the X-wing given all the mud and water on Dagobah.
  • Who owns the X-wing?
  • Luke as a privileged rebel - he gets to do whatever he wants regardless of who it inconveniences.
  • Two bat-winged creatures fly past; clear composite shot using puppets and showing the greenish shadow around them (due to special effect limitations at the time).
  • Saying AT-ATs versus A-T-A-Ts. AT-ATs could have been called RoboCamels. Camels elsewhere in the Star Wars universe.
  • Discussion of Leigh Brackett.
  • From the draft script - Vader force chokes Luke as Luke is leaving Hoth in Leia's spaceship. Luke passes out and R2-D2 then flys the ship to Dagobah - which is why the spaceship crashes, R2-D2 can't land spaceships.
  • Referenced - Saved by the Bell. The Star Wars cast as the Saved by the Bell cast.
  • Vader not recognising Luke Skywalker as his son (even though he has the same surname).
  • Luke's false bragging and lack of respect.

Meta Minute


  • Elliott: The Jackie Robinson minute; 42.



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