Empire Minute 46: Not Entirely Stable

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March 17th, 2014


The pirate starship rests in a dark, dripping asteroid cave. It is so dark that the cave's exact dimensions are impossible to determine.


Tony Thaxton



  • Starts and ends in the Falcon's cockpit while they are shutting down the power and deciding what to do next.
  • No music in this minute.


  • The process to record, select and edit music into the movies.
  • Han Solo says 'Folcon' instead of 'Falcon'. How this is pronounced by different characters across the various movies.
  • The hosts surmise that the Falcon will definitely appear in the sequel. (Note - At the time of this podcast episode the name of the sequel and other details about the movie were not known. Obviously the Falcon does appear in TFA as the main spaceship.)
  • They need C-3PO to "talk to" the Falcon. What would they do if 3PO wasn't there?
  • C-3PO, aka The Professor, gets plugged into the hyperdrive. This really emphasizes that C-3PO is just a piece of equipment.
  • Anthony Daniels physical acting is very good in this scene. C-3PO is clearly baffled and hurt by Han's comments.
  • C-3PO would have given Han the finger in this scene if it was physically possible for him. (Note - What movements C-3PO can do with his hands was also discussed in SWM 76.)
  • Can C-3PO use profanity? E.g. When he is talking to sailors.
  • The cockpit rocks, the actors shake on set, and there is a weird clanging sound in the background. The hosts determine that this is C-3PO falling over behind the door.
  • More tense banter between Han and Leia. Leia says "Let go" to which Han says "Shhh". This is never the correct response.
  • Han is creepy towards Leia sometimes. In this scene it is done for comedic effect and the hosts agree that how creepy something is depends on the actor and character:
    • Wayne Knight - always creepy (intentionally).
    • Harrison Ford - just a lovable scoundrel.
  • The potential CG robots stepping in poop comedy is underplayed in this minute. Another example of this comedy being underplayed is in TPM when Jar Jar gets kicked in the groin by a Pitt Droid and doesn't react.
  • C-3PO says that the asteroid is not entirely stable - which is clearly a call back to TPM when he first gets switched on and says that his legs aren't stable. The hosts agree that this "call-forward" in TPM was just weird and a harbinger of what was to come in the Prequels.
  • The door on the Falcon was not seen in Star Wars.
  • Subtle acting by Carrie Fisher when she hits the Falcon's console and shakes her head.
  • Turning off the lights in the cockpit makes it look even cooler. However, when they open the cockpit door all of the lights in the cargo area are still on. This must be Han's shtick with the ladies - turning off the "non-essential" lights in the cockpit.

Meta Minute

  • 18:22 podcast episode length.'
  • This is the first time we ever see the Falcon's headlights come on. The second time will be in ROTJ.
  • Tony specifically requested these minutes - the reason why will be revealed later in the week.
  • There is more "Star Trek Shake" acting in this minute.


  • Pete: The ship rocks. Alex: It rocks? That's why we've bought Tony along.
  • Pete: In Dick Clark's rocking cockpit.



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