Empire Minute 50: Meet the Muppets

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March 21st, 2014


Luke makes his decision and starts after the creature.


Tony Thaxton



  • Starts with Yoda and R2 fighting over the lamp, and ends with Luke following Yoda back to his hovel.


  • What would Luke do if Yoda did indeed leave him alone? Build shelter? Sit around eating naked Twix?
  • How old is Luke in this movie? See note below.
  • Luke is kind of a jerk in this film, but that is understandable; after making it big as a young man (by blowing up the Death Star), he's always going to be a weirdo.
  • Referenced: Tommy Lee (of the band Mötley Crüe).
  • Rumors that this scene contains a lot of improvisation.
    • Conflicting rumor that Mark Hamill and Frank Oz couldn't even hear each other.
  • Tony tells the story of the time he met actual Muppets, Animal and Gonzo.
  • Muppet nerd talk.

MarkHamill-Muppets-Yoda.png Luke-Miss-Piggy-Kermit.jpg

  • Do you want there to be a Yoda Movie?
    • Alex says no.
  • Discussion of other future side movies.
  • Referenced: MacGyver, Matlock. "Orinoco Flow" by Enya.
  • R2 is having a rough day.

Meta Minute

  • 22:21 podcast episode length.
  • According to Wookieepedia, Luke was born 19 years before the Battle of Yavin (BBY)[1], and the events of The Empire Strikes Back took place 3 years ABY[2], making him only 22 years old when he first meets Yoda. Of course, what "years" actually mean in this galaxy, with each planet presumably having a different length year, is anybody's guess.
  • For more fun nerdy Muppet discussion, check out the Live in L.A. Show.
  • "Welterweight" is a weight class used in many combat sports, however it originates with boxing. Welterweight is heavier than lightweight (greater than 63.5 kg or 140 lb), but less than middleweight (66.7 kg or 147 lb)[3].
    According to Wookieepedia, Yoda weighs 13 kg (28.7 lbs)[4], which would make him Pinweight (also referred to as Light minimumweight or Atomweight). This is the lightest weight class in professional boxing (for fighters less than 46.3 kg or 102 lb)[5]. But judge him by his size, do not.
  • Prune Face's real name is Orrimaarko. He is a Dressellian.
  • Tony's next appearance will be on the L.A. Live show, where they discuss Mark Hamill's guest spot on the Muppet Show.


  • Pete: "Kid Yoda" outta Detroit. He was a welterweight [fighter].
  • Pete: (as petulant teenage Luke) "They're not dolls; they're action figures!"



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