Empire Minute 51: The Stuffy Butler

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Hmmm... I don't see the Wookiee sauna listed on the legend :(


March 24th, 2014


Leia finishes welding the valves she has been working on and attempts to reengage the system by pulling a lever attached to the valve. It doesn't budge. Han notices her struggle, and moves to help her.


Ryan Haupt



  • Starts with a forlorn R2-D2 left to guard Luke's camp; ends with Han and Leia on the Falcon engaging in "pre-kiss" banter.


  • Ryan is a returning SWM podcast champion.
  • Leia is welding. Seven seconds of Leia welding are cut-out of the movie in the Blu-ray box set.
  • Carrie Fisher actually seems to struggle with the handle.
  • Leia appears to be doing routine maintenance. There's always something to fix on the Falcon.
  • Wookiees always want to use a sauna after every activity.
  • Differences between a sauna and a steam-room. Ryan provides a comprehensive answer.
  • Many new things are shown on the Falcon. The door behind C-3PO is the entrance to the room in which the heroes are talking in Star Wars. All the walls of the Falcon have now been shown.
  • Leia is also welding behind C-3PO when he is talking to the Falcon.
  • Luke is rarely on the Falcon in the movies.
  • More technobabble. It doesn't make any sense to Ryan from a scientific perspective.
  • C-3PO points out that the Falcon has a weird dialect. This adds another layer of mystery to the Falcon although it is a confusing concept. Ryan thinks it has to do with the programming language used in the corner of galaxy where the Falcon was built.
  • C-3PO is offended by the Falcon, perhaps due to a lot of profanity. C-3PO is like a stuffy butler having to deal with a gruff tradesman (i.e. the Falcon).
  • C-3PO is doing the one thing that he is meant to do (i.e. talking to something) and still complains.
  • R2-D2 is also sad. This is a bad minute for the droids.
  • R2-D2 may not be a good guard for the camp.
  • Chewie is in the ceiling of the Falcon. Chewie seems to pop out of weird nooks and crannies on the Falcon. He's like a cat or octopus as he can squeeze through any hole that his head can fit through.
  • The Falcon's hallway looks like the inside of a battleship. There are even moving parts. To be discussed more in the next podcast episode.
  • The Falcon's "voice" can be heard in the sound mix.
  • C-3PO doesn't physically talk to the Falcon - he types to it instead. The Falcon probably doesn't want to hear C-3PO's voice.
  • Han and Leia are in the access corridor. Han's shtick would be old for Leia by now.
  • Leia gives Han the stink eye when he tries to help her. At least it wasn't C-3PO trying to help her.
  • Leia is a great role model for a Princess. She is shown doing physical work and this makes a great change for movie Princesses:
    • This doesn't hold up in the next movie unfortunately.
    • Unless welding is the equivalent of dusting in the Star Wars universe.
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Meta Minute

  • 19:38 podcast episode length.


  • Alex: Luke Skywalker - loner!
  • Pete: Luke's stuff is just survival gear and.. Alex: Yeah, why would he need that?
  • Alex: <As a tradesman> "Sorry to break it to you - you have Wookiees in your ceiling."



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