Empire Minute 55: Pulling Reverse Ozzels

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March 28th, 2014


Moving with some difficulty in the cramped quarters, Luke sits down near the fire and serves himself from the pot. Tasting the unfamiliar concoction, he is pleasantly surprised.


Ryan Haupt



  • Starts with a forlorn R2-D2 looking through a window; ends in Yoda's hut with Luke looking skeptical at Yoda's knowledge.


  • Luke has reverted to whiny Luke. What is the perfect Jedi response to the situation Luke finds himself in? He should have just started acting like Jar Jar.
  • Jar Jar suddenly talking and acting like a calm Jedi halfway through the first movie.
  • Yoda may only be pretending to be Yoda - what if he took Luke to the real Yoda halfway through the movie.
  • The prequels either ruin or add to the reveal of Yoda depending on how you look at it.
  • Scientists have to watch the movies in number order - it's in their contracts.
  • How to introduce these movies to kids.
  • The Machete Method and its strengths and weaknesses.
  • The hosts really want to see Star Wars 5.5 produced (i.e. a movie between ESB and ROTJ).
  • The 'PTR Method':
    • Star Wars.
    • The Star Wars Holiday Special.
    • The Empire Strikes Back.
    • The Phantom Menace.
  • The little green alien may not be who he says he is. He starts revealing a range of Jedi knowledge and facts.
  • Luke manages to land within a mile of Yoda. This was discussed in ESB 42. Obi-Wan guides the X-wing to Dagobah and then Yoda takes over for the landing. Obi-Wan and Yoda forgot to tell R2-D2 about this plan because he tries to take control of the X-wing.
  • Can Jedi mind-trick droids?
  • The set of Yoda's House is very effective in the movie.
  • Yoda adding herbs to the stew increases the overall realism of the scene.
  • Yoda was probably giggling in the background as Luke eats his poop water.
  • Pete and Alex as Secret Imperial Agents that are pulling the incredibly difficult "reverse Ozzel" by acting as if all Jedis are:
    • Actually bad people.
    • Trying to prevent Luke from completing his training and becoming a Jedi.
  • Information about Yoda's house from Wookiepedia. He used:
    • His escape pod as the frame.
    • Scrap metal on Dagobah to make his kitchen equipment.
  • What Yoda can make using The Force. He probably gets all his metal from the various spaceships that Luke crashes.
  • The Skywalkers are not great pilots - they seem to crash or lose control of everything the fly.
  • Perhaps the Skywalkers are just slightly better / smarter when compared to all of the idiots around them.
  • How the intelligence of all beings in the Star Wars universe is evolving over time. That is, they all seem to be getting dumber.
  • Episode 7 will require a 25 chapter opening crawl to explain everything that has happened.
  • Luke's answer to Yoda's question about why he wants to become a Jedi is because he wants to be like his father. Luke no longer seems to be on the crusade that he started in Star Wars.
  • Perhaps Yoda's question is a genuine moment of realization for Luke. Why IS he doing this?
  • Luke being named Darth Wormie by the Emperor and still being mocked by his friends from Tatooine.

Meta Minute

  • 21:22 podcast episode length.
  • Thanks to and from Ryan for the week of podcast episodes. Perhaps Ryan can return for the Ewok scenes in ROTJ and talk about Ewok ecology. Ryan may have to do all of the Ewok scenes by himself as Pete and Alex are not sure that they can get through them.
  • Per the dialog of this scene, Yoda has made "rootleaf stew". To the surprise of probably no one, it has its own Wookieepedia page.


  • Alex: <As Obi-Wan and Yoda discussing Luke> "We're letting this idiot...he's our new hope!"



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