Empire Minute 57: The Physical Yoda

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April 1st, 2014


Yoda turns his piercing gaze on Luke, as though the Jedi Master's huge eyes could somehow determine how much the boy had learned. After a long moment, the little Jedi turns toward where he alone sees Ben.


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with Yoda explaining that he's been watching Luke for years; ends with Luke saying that he's not afraid.
  • Famous Yoda quote - "Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things."


  • Yoda watching Luke this whole time is a bit creepy. Yoda watched Luke by:
    • Using The Force.
    • Wearing a disguise on Tatooine.
    • Setting up webcams.
    • Staring into a crystal ball.
    • (Yoda has seen it all before - Luke shouldn't be embarrassed.)
    • Following him on social networks.
    • Receiving annual Christmas updates from Ben on Tatooine.
  • Yoda points out Luke's many shortcomings and acts as if Luke isn't even there. Yoda also criticizes Luke for always looking off into the distance or future (which is a nice call-back to Luke's actions back on Tatooine).
  • Yoda is siding with Uncle Owen. Ghost Uncle Owen should have appeared at this point and laid a guilt trip on Luke.
  • Luke should have already been on The Dark Side given that everyone is yelling at him all the time.
  • The physical Yoda versus the CGI Yoda. Why didn't Lucas replace the physical Yoda in this movie with a CGI Yoda?
  • Perhaps the aging process for Yoda's species results in them turning more and more into rubber puppets over time. Eventually they turn into just a human hand.
  • Tony is a Muppet fan. How does Yoda rank among the Muppets?
    • Yoda is certainly a Muppet but moves in a different world to the other Muppets.
    • Tony thinks of these two types of Muppets (ie Yoda versus the rest) very differently.
    • Yoda is a more rounded character than the other Muppets.
  • Yoda puppet toys and their limitations.
  • As far as the hosts know, Yoda never did a cameo with the Muppets.
  • How does Luke know how much he's learned? Also, what has he actually learned by this point? Tony equates Luke's comments to being an arrogant teenager at High School that thinks they already know everything.
  • Yoda is always testing Luke. Yoda should have told Luke to shut-up at regular intervals. Would Ben have interjected at any point if Yoda's training method got too out of hand?
  • Yoda uses the "too old" response as his standard response to avoid training anyone - he also used this with Anakin in the Prequels. This excuse is especially funny given that Yoda is 900 years old. Perhaps he just can't determine human ages correctly.
  • What did Yoda look like when he was 300 years old? We'll see this in the inevitable spin-off movie in which Ryan Reynolds plays the 'young' Yoda:
    • Yoda's whole back-story will be explained.
    • This will include his wardrobe through all of the eras.
    • It will have a voice-over Martin Scorcese style.
    • It may be called Fellasgood.
    • The hosts imagine various scenes from the movie.
  • R2-D2 is still trying to peer through the window this whole time. Is Kenny Baker in R2 and, if so, how long does R2 take to fill up with water? Also, how do they empty R2. R2 would probably make a good portable drink cooler.
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Meta Minute

  • 21:34 podcast episode length.


  • Tony: I'm Tony from Tatooine.
  • Alex: Here on the Star Trek Minute.



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