Empire Minute 59: Prisoner of the Mynocks

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April 3rd, 2014


Chewie barks through his face mask, and points toward the ship's cockpit. A five-foot-long shape can be seen moving across the top of the Falcon. The leathery creature lets out a screech as Han blasts it with a laser bolt.


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with Han Solo confronting some mynocks that are wrecking the Falcon; ends with Han murdering a mynock in cold blood.
  • Line "I've got a bad feeling about this" said (by Leia).


  • Han hates aliens and is a cold-blooded killer.
  • Han says that they just got this bucket (i.e. the Falcon) back together. Is it back together? They're still fixing it and even need a replacement part. The Falcon is like an old car - it can still run even with major parts of it not working.
  • C-3PO stays behind to guard the Falcon:
    • This is a parallel to R2-D2 guarding the camp on Dagobah.
    • Who does a better job standing guard?
    • R2 leaves the camp and C-3PO hides on the Falcon.
    • R2 has the harder job outside in the swamp.
    • C-3PO just yells and waves his arms about.
  • C-3PO shooting laser bolts from his eyes. One day Han will push it too far and C-3PO will attack him. Or C-3PO will execute Order 66 but shoot his eye lasers all over the place.
  • C-3PO should have taken control of the Falcon and tried to escape by flying away.
  • Referenced: Black Hole.
  • The rest of the crew walk outside—into the stomach of a giant space slug <spoilers>.
  • The space looks like the inside of a 70s disco.
  • Where are they in the slug?
    • Throat; stomach; tongue?
    • The slug is probably gagging having them in there.
    • There is atmosphere in the space as there is lots of moisture and fog.
    • It's also very squishy.
  • What are the crew breathing through their masks?
    • Laughing gas.
    • The whole movie is a hallucination due to their nitrous oxide intake.
    • Han coming out of the carbonite is actually just the other characters removing his mask after this scene. Han comes out of it and says - "What a crazy trip, man!".
  • Kenner released a separate battle pack that included cool face masks for the figurines. These masks were later included, along with the figurines and some mynocks, as part of a diorama set. The mynocks were probably stuck to inside of the packaging via their suction cups.
  • Chewbacca's cross-bow (a.k.a. bowcaster) is shown. The hosts are all big fans of this weapon.
  • Kenner released a bowcaster replica nerf gun that was fun to play with as adults.
  • It would have been cool to see Chewbacca killing Stormtroopers with the bowcaster. It shoots nerf darts, arrows or laser bolts. <Note - there is lots of bowcaster action in TFA; this movie was not released at the time of this podcast episode.>
  • Leia's "I've got a bad feeling about this".
    • The other characters probably say "oh, that's cute".
    • The hosts recall not noticing that everyone says this in the movies when they were kids.
    • As a kid, PTR knew that it was a quote from Star Wars but didn't realize that multiple characters said it.
    • Is this the first bit of fan service / feedback in the movies that started the downward descent into the Prequels?
  • Five factoids about mynocks:
    • One - They can live in a vacuum. Always check your vacuum cleaners for mynocks.
    • The space worm actually ate the mynocks and they will eventually die.
    • Two - They are allergic to helium. In the Star Wars universe there is a cleaning agent, with helium as an ingredient, that is designed to get rid of mynocks. When the mynocks come into contact with helium the inflate and just float away - like in Dig-Dug the video game.
    • Three - They lack major organs.
      • Major Organs:
    • Four - They reproduce by mitosis. Therefore, they should be called Bynocks.
    • Five - They are fine cuisine for Twi'leks (e.g. Bib Fortuna, Oola).
      • There's not much meat on a mynock—they're all wing.
      • Perhaps they're like crabs - there's not much meat but it's delicious.
      • Their skin is probably the best part.
      • Also, they're easy to clean given that they don't have any major organs.
      • However they will stick to pan via the suction cup when you cook them so you must use a no stick pan.
  • If Major Organs (see above) was captured or killed by mynocks than someone would have said "Finally, mynocks have Major Organs!".
  • Han says "Mynocks, just as I thought". He would have said this whatever it was on the ship (e.g. "Unicorns, just as I thought").
  • When the mynocks start flying Leia screams, but Han is very relaxed about them.
  • As kids, Alex and his friends were afraid of bats laying eggs in their hair.
    • Pete was afraid of them scratching him.
    • Wait, bats don't lay eggs.
    • Tony was afraid of being bitten on his neck and then having two vampire marks.
    • Tony used to put a vacuum cleaner hose on his neck and then turn on the vacuum cleaner to create a ring mark. Then, when he was asked what happened, he would say that he was attacked by a mynock. Pete points out that this is feasible as mynocks can survive in a vacuum. <Editor's safety note - NEVER DO THIS; VACUUM CLEANERS ARE NOT TOYS.>
    • Bats actually lay ostrich sized eggs. It would be quite a struggle to lay one of these on your head.

Meta Minute

  • 22:53 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open - Ad-read: tshirts.com (starwarsminute.com/shirts).


  • Tony: <Intro in Italian.>
  • Alex: Five facts about mynocks. Pete: Isn't that a play? Alex: It will be; I'm work-shopping it at the moment.
  • Alex: Stupid!
  • Tony: I was afraid of being bitten on my neck... Pete: You mean my-nock.
  • Pete: <In response to Alex asking him if he has anything else for this minute> Um, let's see, giant bat eggs...yep, we've covered that.



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