Empire Minute 5: Fresh Meat

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January 17th, 2014


Luke grabs for his pistol, but is hit flat in the face by a huge white claw.





  • Starts with Luke Skywalker on his tauntaun getting attacked by a Wampa puppet and ends with Captain Han Solo entering the Command Centre at the Rebel base.
  • First appearance of the Wampa.
  • Echo Base - the Rebel base in the Hoth Ice Caves - introduced.
  • Return of Treadwell.
  • Gonk (three Gonks in total) also seen.
  • Harrison Ford applause shot.
  • Chewbacca / Peter Mayhew applause shot.
  • First view of top of The Millennium Falcon (it's kind of cool).


  • Wampa storyline and the connection to Mark Hamill's car accident.
    • Needed to use a stand-in for the Death Valley landspeeder pickup shots for Star Wars.
    • There was a noticeable difference in Luke's face between the movies and in various publicity shots.
    • The Wampa storyline was always a part of the first draft of the movie but may have been amended to accommodate the effects of the accident.
  • Luke telling stories about the Wampa attack in his later years.
  • Does the Wampa also take the tauntaun? The special edition seems to suggest this. If so, how the Wampa handled this.
  • Budget is major difference between ESB and Star Wars. This is very evident in the big Rebel base scene - there is a lot of activity going on compared to the similar scene in Star Wars in the Massassay (Massassi) temple.
  • George Lucas ran out of money in making this movie (Fox funded it through to completion). Alex says this is why Lucas put cuddly teddy bears in the third movie (ROTJ) - he knew that they would sell and that he would never run out of money again.
  • Han Solo's jacket and whether people like it.
  • We also see the multi-armed "Treadwell type" droid in this minute. The fate of the various droids throughout the two movies and how they end up on Hoth. Pete's explanation follows (his own EU Treadwell mini-series):
 The Stormtroopers either:
  Find and kill the Jawas and the Lars, or;
  Find the Jawas and the Lars already dead (in line with SWM-Canon that Ben Kenobi is a killer)
  and round up all the droids.
 They then take the droids back to Darth Vader on The Death Star.
 While the Millennium Falcon is on The Death Star some of the droids are sent to scope it out in place of the dead scanning crew.
 (They send a Gonk droid or two, a Treadwell and a multi-armed Treadwell.)
 Our heroes escape on the Falcon while the droids are still aboard - and therefore take the droids to Hoth with them.
 Chief Bast just took all of the droids with him when he fled and they all ended up on Hoth somehow (buts that's a whole 'nother story).
  • Did Chewbacca yell at Han or was he just telling him that everything was going great?

Meta Minute

  • 17:49 podcast episode length.
  • "Wampa, Wampa" (which is what a child in the TV commercial for the Wampa toy used to say) went on to become code for SWM fans and guests to identify each other "in the wild".


  • Pete: Wampa, Wampa!
  • Alex: Never tell me the odds.
  • Pete: ...Ewok money.
  • Alex: In regards to Han's blue jacket, which is different to what everyone else is wearing "Even among the Rebels he's a rebel".
  • Pete: Welcome Empire Strikes BACK everybody.



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