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April 4th, 2014


He unholsters his blaster and fires at the far side of the huge cave. The cavern begins to shake and the ground starts to buckle.


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with "When Mynocks attack"; ends with Han and Chewie getting ready to take off because they know what's up (even though no-one else does).


  • Tony alludes to running a charitable dot org website "based" on this sequence in the movie.
  • More "Star Trek type" acting as the actors lean and stumble from side-to-side.
    • Does this physical effect ever actually work on film?
    • It always looks so fake.
    • Pete would do this if he was ever caught in an earthquake, even just a mild one. He would also shout "increase rear deflectors".
    • The smaller sets in the movie were physically jostled for scenes like this.
    • If Tony was ever caught in an earthquake he'd say "this is just like being inside the worms throat (dot org)".
  • As Han runs to the ship he says "There's no time to discuss this in committee" - which is clearly a call back to Amidala talking about committees in the Prequels.
    • Leia's response to the committee line is clever and funny - "I am not a committee".
    • Pete didn't recognize that this was funny as a child and only thought it was funny as an adult.
    • Do you get more jokes in the movie as you get older? It's obviously a very layered film and you get more out of watching it every ten years or so.
  • Would you shoot the floor if you thought that you were standing inside a living creature?
    • This seems like the last thing that you should do.
    • If Han shot the floor and nothing happened, and then said "oh, I just thought that we might be inside a giant space worm" he would have looked crazy.
    • Han is always shooting the floor and saying "just checking".
    • Also, Han shoots at anything that is alien.
    • He should have kept shooting in the one spot (either with his blaster or the Falcon's gun) to try and kill the worm - like in the Gorf video game.
  • The movie makers should have had mynocks snacking on C-3PO; this is an almost irresistible scene to film. They probably didn't due to effects limitations and the way the mynocks looked. It would have been a good comedic moment.
  • C-3PO is lagging behind as they run back to the ship. He "Star Treks" and then falls off-screen as he lets out a yelp. Maybe he fell into Pol Treidum's barrel - which is a famous restaurant in the Star Wars universe.
  • The ladders on the Falcon that go up to the gun turrets are seen once again.
  • The hosts say that they still miss things even watching the movies minute-by-minute.
  • The inside of the Millennium Falcon looks like large PVC piping screwed together.
  • Chewbacca does a move to adjust his bandolier that looks like he is adjusting his bra strap.
    • He normally takes the bandolier off before sitting down but forgot to in this instance.
    • He should have ripped it off and thrown it down the hallway. It probably would have knocked C-3PO over again.
  • C-3PO's reaction to the mynocks is a return to the stuffy butler (see ESB 51).
    • Kudos to Anthony Daniels for his physical acting.
    • What is the difference between C-3PO and Jar Jar, given that they are similar characters?
      • The other characters are usually annoyed by C-3PO but they don't react to Jar Jar at any stage. This seems to makes C-3PO loveable and Jar Jar annoying / weird.
      • Also Jar Jar's voice is really obnoxious - much more than C-3PO's. Would a different voice have made a difference to Jar Jar?
      • C-3PO is a just a robot whereas the physical / living Jar Jar even walks annoyingly - like Goofy from Disney.
      • There's always something wrong with Jar Jar.
      • Pete would like to see Jar Jar digitally inserted into ESB. How would this be achieved?
        • Perhaps he's been inside the space worm (dot org) for three years before the Falcon shows up.
        • Or he's just one of the rebels and tagged along.
        • Either way, there would certainly be lots of hijinx in this scenario. For example, he would get his tongue stuck to the hydro spanner.
        • He could also be the Deck Officer and have a comical exchange with Han.
        • Jar Jar and C-3PO should do a movie / sit-com together as "odd couple" roommates - with actor Al Molinaro playing a local cop.
        • (Referenced: The Odd Couple.)
        • The Clone Wars animated series had an episode with Jar Jar and C-3PO working together; probably to prove that they can both be entertaining characters.
        • It must grate on Anthony Daniels that his character / performance gets lumped together with Jar Jar - although C-3PO is annoying.
  • What is Tony's favourite Star Wars character?
    • He always liked C-3PO and R2-D2 as the comedy duo.
    • However he was a Han Solo guy.
    • He and his friends used to talk about who would win in a hand-to-hand fight between Luke and Han.
      • Tony says that Han would thrash Luke because he is older.
      • Han could also beat Darth Vader if Vader couldn't use The Force.
      • Vader is cumbersome and Han would just wrestle him to the ground.
      • (Alex points out that Han doesn't like fighting and even waited until Greedo shot first back in the cantina.)
      • In this fight, would Darth Vader be with or without his armour? Tony says "with".
      • Vader's cape would also get in his way.
      • Han would have to look for soft spots on Vader's armour.
      • Or Han could just run a magnet over Vader's chest.
      • Han could convince Vader to fight at an auto wrecking lot and then use their big car magnet to capture Vader.
      • The Jawas also had a giant magnet that Han could use.
      • Can people be sucked up by the Jawas tube (dot org)?
  • Tony is looking forward to the Darth Vader / Luke Skywalker fight later in the movie.
    • Also, he is looking forward to Luke falling and screaming all the way down (depending on the version of the movie that you're watching).
  • Thanks to and from Tony for the week.

Meta Minute

  • 23:38 podcast episode length.


  • Tony: <As Vader to Luke> "Come with me and join the Dark Side blah blah blah" and all that!
  • Pete: I enjoyed it mostly.
  • Tony: The Star Wars hour - we're at minute 60!



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