Empire Minute 61: Working It Out with the Worm

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April 7th, 2014


The Millennium Falcon, zooming through the monster's mouth, rolls on its side and barely makes it between two of the gigantic white teeth before the huge jaws slams closed.


Mike Dawson



  • Starts with Han jetting out of the worm in the Falcon; ends with R2-D rolling around on Dagobah as Luke runs around with Yoda on his back.


  • An alternate title for the movie was - Space Worm Battles.
  • It is revealed that the Falcon was inside a giant space slug's stomach.
    • The hosts think that the space slug is a fine character the movie.
    • Is the worm a puppet?
    • It reminds us that there are amazing things in space in the Star Wars universe, although it is certainly silly.
    • This is the second time that characters have been inside an animal in the movie.
  • Why are they in such a rush to get out of the worm? They've already been inside it for a while.
  • Also, the Falcon is the size of a peanut compared to the worm so why is the worm so desperate to eat it?
  • Leia says "the cave is collapsing" to which Han says "this is no cave". The characters never say what is actually going on. Han could have just said "we're inside a space slug". Alex is going to start doing this from now on - he won't say what is actually going on and instead make some smart comment.
    • Han likes to pretend that he always knows what's going on and doesn't want to be wrong. As a result, he didn't want to declare that they were inside a space worm just in case.
    • That is, if it wasn't a space worm he could have said "This is no cave...oh, er, its a space tunnel!".
  • Leia still has her gas mask on as they run into the cockpit.
    • The characters don't need much gear to survive in space. They don't wear spacesuits.
    • Wouldn't it have been extremely cold inside the space worm?
    • The walls should have been throbbing.
    • Han wasn't sure if the walls were actually moving or if he was hallucinating after eating some bad food on the Falcon.
  • Does each asteroid have a worm in it? This is an old Star Wars adage - "You know what they say - every asteroid has a worm".
  • Slug facts:
    • They are 10 meters (about 90 feet) long on average. If a smaller worm swallowed the Falcon then we would have seen the Falcon's outline in the worm's throat.
    • Once a slug finishes mining an asteroid for its minerals they hop to the next one. This seems dangerous - what if they miss the next asteroid?
    • During the great Sith War some guy learned how to control these creatures. What can they actually do in a war?
    • Their natural predator is the Colossus Wasp. This is a potential EU story involving a giant wasp nest planet.
  • We shouldn't have seen the sullen worm receding back into the asteroid - this is a very disappointing shot.
  • TIE fighters should have instantly pursued and shot at the Falcon. They should have been like a swarm of space wasps. This would have been a very different scene in prequels.
  • The establishing shot of Dagobah is great - Luke climbing up a vine into the scene / frame.
  • How long has Luke been on Dagobah by this point?
    • One day; a month?
    • Luke is swinging on ropes again. This is his third rope in the movies.
    • Addition to the Star Wars drinking game:
      • Whenever Luke swings on a rope.
      • Whenever a character is inside an animal.
      • (There should be Star Wars bingo - this is a million dollar idea.)
    • The Falcon wasn't in the space worm for a month.
    • Luke seems to go from novice Jedi to amateur Jedi very quickly.
    • Luke may just be a natural gymnast.
    • Yoda is like his gymnastics coach as he is also great at flips - as shown in the Prequels.
    • Each Jedi coach has their own trademark moves. If someone is good at flips then it means that they were trained by Yoda.
    • Yoda doesn't seem heavy enough on Luke's back.
    • Maybe Yoda is carrying Luke and making Luke do everything. That is, Luke is the actual puppet.
    • In filming, it must have been weird for Mark Hamill and his double to carry the husk of Yoda around on their backs and talk to it at regular intervals. They're physically not carrying Yoda but their acting certainly is.
    • The filmmakers should have built a giant Luke puppet and then had Frank Oz operate him AND Yoda. Then Luke would not look lifelike - which is fine as long as Yoda does.
    • The dialogue indicates that this must still be early in his training.
    • As Luke leaves Dagobah Yoda says "remember, avoid the dark side". For a Jedi this is like being told:
      • Remember, two plus two equals four.
      • Remember, tie your shoelaces - but not to each other.
    • The filmmakers cleverly hide 'backpack Yoda's' flaws by:
      • Getting Luke to run behind trees and through shadows.
      • Cutting to a bored looking R2-D2 at regular intervals.
    • Yoda is boring by this stage - "feel the Force"; "a Jedi knows it's all around him"; etc. He is droning on and on.
  • R2-D2 is standing on a little promontory. R2 probably cleared and flattened that space over the course of days.
  • There is a lot more Yoda coming up in the next few minutes.
  • As his gymnastics coach, Yoda should have stopped Luke after every flip to form the correct landing stance - feet together, stand up straight, chest up, arms raised in the air. There also should have been judges - like snakes, lizards, ghost Obi-Wan - holding up scorecards after each flip.
  • Are there other sentient life forms on Dagobah. "Yoda's neighborhood" to be discussed in the next podcast episode.
  • Mike will catch the train back into the city for tomorrow's podcast episode. He will be doing a daily commute for the podcast every day this week.

Meta Minute

  • 22:07 podcast episode length.
  • Cold open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - the caller and their friends thought that the space worm was Jabba the Hutt's mother (which may actually make more sense than the "true" EU story).
  • This it the first podcast reunion of Alex and Mike since the Ink Banthas days.
  • The Space Slug puppet will be re-used for the first Ewok movie.


  • Pete: Although it is funny if you watch these scenes... Mike: <Sarcastically> What, minute by minute?



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