Empire Minute 62: No Why

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April 8th, 2014


With Yoda strapped to his back, Luke climbs up one of the many thick vines that grow in the swamp. Panting heavily, he continues his course — climbing, flipping through the air, jumping over roots, and racing in and out of the heavy ground fog.


Mike Dawson



  • Starts with Luke jogging with Yoda in his backpack; ends with Luke putting the backpack and Yoda down after some questions and light jogging.
  • The term "apprentice" is used for the first time in the movies. Ben uses the term "pupil" in Star Wars.


  • There is more clever filming of Yoda behind trees, in the shadows etc. to hide any flaws. Except for the shot of Luke talking to a lifeless puppet at the end of the scene.
  • They could have filmed this with a one-shot of Yoda and Luke's arm around him.
  • In the close-ups of Luke and Yoda talking where are the puppeteers standing? Obviously very close to Mark Hamill's butt.
  • There are at least three puppeteers that operate Yoda at the same time.
  • Yoda tells Luke to be passive and also gives Luke a shoulder massage to help him free his mind of questions. This is a bit creepy.
  • Yoda says "a Jedi uses The Force for knowledge and defense; never attack". But when Luke asks a question to gain knowledge Yoda refuses to answer.
  • This is the same as in Harry Potter - the teachers never answer questions directly or give the students any information. They are always obtuse. Although Luke would be a very annoying student.
  • Yoda says "No more will I teach you today?". What do they do then - small-talk for the rest of the day? If so, they waste a whole afternoon. Yoda tells Luke off for leaving Dagobah early and yet they wasted a lot of time.
  • There is more dancing around Vader's true identity by Yoda.
    • There should have been a scene of Luke and Yoda actually dancing and Yoda saying "And one and two, and one and two. No, no - it's one THEN two".
    • Yoda says that Vader is Obi-Wan's apprentice.
    • He never wants to say that Vader is Luke's father.
    • The entire scene is shot on the basis that the audience doesn't know that Vader is Luke's father - which was true before the Prequels.
    • There is no drama when Yoda talks about Vader but, given the Prequels, it definitely should have been acknowledged by the Director.
  • Why don't Yoda and Ben want Luke to know that Vader is his father?
    • It makes him more susceptible to the Dark Side.
    • (After all, all young men want to be just like their fathers, don't they?)
    • This links to Luke's answer in an earlier minute when Yoda asks him why he wants to become a Jedi. Luke is very non-committal and simply says "Because of my father".
  • Yoda starts providing Luke and the audience with a working knowledge of the Dark Side.
    • He says that it's not stronger than the Light Side - which is strange given that one guy using the Dark Side took command of the galaxy and killed all of the Jedis.
    • If Yoda is a salesman then he's not doing a very good job of selling the Light Side.
      • Yoda says that the Dark Side is "quicker and easier" when Luke is right in the middle of a strenuous workout. Why didn't he just say:
        • "Sith don't have to jump around at all."
        • "You can go Sith on the couch."
        • "A Sith lord can just sit there and let his apprentice fight."
  • Yoda's line about never using The Force for attack is in contrast to Obi-Wan telling Luke in Star Wars to attack / blow-up The Death Star.
    • Yoda would have told Luke to just fly around and gain knowledge about The Death Star.
  • Yoda's line "there is no why" is barely quoted compared to "there is no try".
  • Where does Luke live when he's not training:
    • Yoda's house.
    • The camp.
    • In his X-wing.
    • When Luke lies down in Yoda's hut his feet stick out the front door.
    • Yoda probably just makes him sleep in the woods / swamp.
    • Or maybe he doesn't sleep during the training.
  • Yoda massaging Luke reminds the hosts of Buster Bluth who is not good at massages.
    • Referenced: Arrested Development.
    • A force massage sounds like a Han Solo move with the ladies.
  • Yoda should have told Luke some cool stuff about The Force and the Light Side.
    • Surely he wanted to talk to someone after 20 years in exile.
    • He could have told Luke about the senate, passing bills, taxation and trade routes, shaking hands with Chancellor Valorum etc.
  • The actor that plays Chancellor Valorum was also in Superman. More information to follow in later podcast episodes.

Meta Minute

  • 14:44 podcast episode length.
  • Mike plugs his new book - Angie Bongiolatti (2014) published by Secret Acres.


  • Pete: We put the sit in Sith!
  • Alex: There is no why; there is no try; there is no pie.



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