Empire Minute 6: Waldorf Salad

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General Rieekan straightens up from a console at Han’s approach


January 20th, 2014.


Jackie Kashian



  • Starts with Han Solo entering the rebel control room and ends with romantic tension between Han and Leia.
  • The futuristic rebel tactical display screens from Star Wars are still evident on Hoth.
  • Carrie Fisher / Princess Leia applause shot.
  • The first (and last) appearance of General Rieekan. (The actor that played General Rieekan also played a brash American hotel guest in Fawlty Towers.)
  • Strands of the romantic Han Solo and Princess Leia music is heard for the first time in this minute.


  • Leia kissing Luke and what it all means.
  • Leia and Han's relationship and what it all means.
  • What would have happened if Chewbacca did receive a medal.
  • Its cold inside the rebel base as well as outside - everyone is wearing puffy coats. Jackie talks about wanting Leia's white jacket.
  • Leia's hair and outfit in this scene and how they compare to all other costumes.
  • Han's outfit in this scene.
  • The supposed Armenian origin of the name Rieekan.
  • Mentioned: The Brackett draft, Spoilers.
  • In the Brackett Draft Commander Willard and General Dodonna (from Star Wars) are also in the rebel base on Hoth.
  • K-3PO (the white C-3PO) appears in this minute; is that droid also played by Anthony Daniels?

Meta Minute

  • 11:27 podcast episode length.
  • Items discussed:
    • Greeks and Armenians
    • Waldorf salads.
    • Characters not eating much in the trilogy.
    • Behind the scene photographs of Star Wars from Peter Mayhew.


  • Jackie: And I'm Jackie Kashian from stand-up comedy.
  • Alex: (to Jackie) You totally got Chewbacca'd on that one!
  • Pete: We saved them by blowing up The Death Star. Alex: What do you mean WE?



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