Empire Minute 75: Competing Gravities

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April 25th, 2014


He points to a computer mapscreen on the control panel. Leia slips out of her chair and moves next to the handsome pilot. Small light points representing several systems flash by on the computer screen.


Stuart Wellington



  • Starts with the Falcon clinging to the side of the Avenger Star Destroyer as C-3PO complains.
  • Ends with Han Solo suggesting that Leia hooks up with Lando as he is a scoundrel and she likes those type of guys.


  • C-3PO finally asks why no-one listens to him.
  • Everyone knows what Chewbacca is saying in this scene - he's telling C-3PO to shut-up.
  • C-3PO gets depressed and mopey and the only person that listens to him - R2-D2 - isn't there. R2-D2 is stuck on swampy Dagobah but is still happy because C-3PO isn't there.
  • Why is C-3PO on the whole time? Just turn him on when you need protocol advice.
  • This is one of the few times C-3PO gets turned off. All droids have easy to reach on/off switches. Is this droid abuse?
  • Leia wears gloves to turn C-3PO off.
  • C-3PO always wants to surrender; perhaps he had a surrender plan to talk his way out of it.
  • Audience doesn't see what Han is looking at on the screen; if this movie was made today then they definitely would show the screen.
  • Han Solo would have a really cool screensaver.
  • The orange and teal lighting effect is used in this minute. Once you're aware of this effect, you see it used in nearly every movie in recent times.
  • The Falcon, and its crew, seems to be leaning to one side for some reason. This may be due to the competing gravities of the Star Destroyer and the Falcon.
  • The cockpit is genuinely cramped and the characters have to push past each other.
  • The hosts just like when C-3PO falls down. George Lucas seems to think this is funny as well, based on the Prequels.
  • The landing claw, its manual release and how this all works.
  • Hints of Han Solo's back story without too many details; just the right amount of information.
    • Han knows Imperial procedure.
    • Han Solo might be cool.
  • Kids have no idea what Han is talking about in terms of locations and navigation.
  • Needa's body gets ejected from the Star Destroyer as part of the garbage dump.
  • Why do Star Destroyers dump their garbage? They are such space litterers.
  • An EU story based on what happens with the Empire's ejected garbage.
  • Leia saying "The Lando system" is supposed to be a funny joke.
  • Ethical implications of having sentient droids.
  • Ring theory: Our heroes also used garbage as part of their escape in Star Wars - SWM 76. What happens in ROTJ 75?
  • First brief description of Lando Calrissian and a quick return dig at Leia.
  • The dig is supposed to be witty banter.

Meta Minute

  • 18:37 podcast episode length.
  • It's casual Friday - the hosts are wearing dockers, cell phone holsters and polo / "solo" shirts.
  • Thanks from, and to, Stuart for the week. He enjoyed this week's minutes and is looking forward to the Cloud City fighting minutes, the Ugnaughts and Lobot. Cloud City must have a casino, what with all the Ugnaughts there.
  • In the movie Starship Troopers (1997) there is a scene that shows the Millennium Falcon attached to one of the ships. Phil Tippett also did visual effects for that movie.


  • Pete: This scene made me wonder... Alex: Why are we doing this?
  • Stuart: Now that I have read Star Wars gaming manuals and what have you... Alex: <quietly> Nerd!
  • Pete: <As Han> The Anoat ("I know it") system. <As Leia> The Anoat system? <As Han> Yeah, I know it!
  • Alex: <When an ugnaught goes home after a night at the casino> <Roommate> How'd you go? How much money did you win? <Ugnaught> Ugh, naught!



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