Empire Minute 78: Future Feelings

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April 30th, 2014


Luke is stopped cold by Yoda's words. Gloom shrouds him as he nods his head sadly.


Joe Dator



  • Starts with Yoda telling Luke that he's seeing the future (in case Luke is confused).
  • Goes through to Han telling the Twin-Pod cloud car pilot that he does not have a landing permit (we assume that he will get into trouble as a result).


  • Yoda tells Luke that it's the future he's seeing. Luke repeats this back to him as a confused question.
    • Yoda is clearly eavesdropping on Luke's visions.
    • Luke is still dizzy and disoriented from his headstand.
    • Luke is starting to just roll with all this stuff that Yoda is telling him.
  • If Luke had of seen something else (i.e. Tank in financial trouble on Tatooine) would he have taken off to save him instead?
    • Tank's fate given that he went to the Academy.
    • What if only Han was in trouble and not Leia? Would Luke have still gone? Yes - because of Han's torture / suffering. Vader knew this and was torturing Han specifically to get Luke's attention.
  • Luke has Justin Bieberesque hair in this scene.
  • Luke asks <sic> "will they die?" to which Yoda replies <sic> "hard to tell".
    • This is very passive-aggressive by Yoda. Can Yoda see the future or not?
    • Yoda sees what might have happened and didn't want to tell Luke.
    • Or Yoda wanted Luke to go so was being obtuse.
    • Yoda is basically saying "I don't know".
  • Visions are an unfortunate side-effect of being force sensitive - Jedi always need to focus on the here and now.
  • Joe always thought Yoda said "always emotion (in motion) is the future". This means that Jedi shouldn't make decisions or take actions based on their feelings.
  • So, in summary, no-one is seeing the future.
    • Yoda is seeing a potential future although this is useless as it may not happen.
    • Talking about this stuff makes you start to talk like Yoda - e.g. "it becomes not the future".
    • If Luke had not gone to Bespin and Cloud City what would have happened?
 Han Solo would still have been frozen in carbonite and handed off to Boba Fett.
 (They tested the carbonite freezing on Han to see if it would work on Luke
 and they would have assumed that Luke was still on his way.)
 Leia would have fallen back into the clutches of the Empire.
 Chewbacca would have been sold back into slavery.
 They would have kept thawing and freezing Han to see what happens - like an experiment.
 They also could have tested the freezing on Chewbacca. What would the status of Chewbacca's life debt be?
 Meanwhile, Luke becomes a full blown Jedi - or an ultimate Jedi - and eventually kills everyone in the Empire.
 During his training Yoda says "all hope is lost but your headstands are excellent!".
 Luke could then perform in Cirque du Soleil.
 "Cirque du Soleia" would make a good Star Wars holiday special.
  • Yoda telling Luke that Luke has to decide whether to stay or go for himself is another example of Yoda being very passive-aggressive.
    • Yoda implying that he wants Luke to stay makes Luke want to go which is what Yoda really wants.
    • Is Luke really seeing these visions or is he just pretending to because he wants to leave Dagobah and Yoda?
  • Luke's shirt looks much thicker now. He must have had a makeover before this scene given his new hair-do and wardrobe.
    • Maybe this all happened in the Magic Tree. The Magic Tree gives makeovers, has candy and a dessert bar, and can also provide mani-pedis. Referenced: the Land of Oz.
    • Or maybe the new shirt is Luke's reward from Yoda for his first day of training.
    • The Magic Tree is opposite of the Christmas Tree in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special - it makes you look better.
  • To Bespin, Cloud City, the Twin-Pod cloud car and its pilots.
    • "Twin-Pod cloud car" is a good name for a band.
    • Twins are a big thing in Star Wars - Luke and Leia; the Twin-Pod cloud car.
    • There is beautiful music and clouds in this scene (although the clouds are farts - which Joe now knows thanks to this podcast).
    • The name "Cloud City" is a positive spin; it was called "Fartville".
    • The entire third act of this move is now ruined for Joe thanks to the information provided by this podcast.
  • What is the utility or point of a Twin-Pod cloud car?
    • One pod is for the gas / accelerator and the other one is for the brakes.
    • It also easily breaks apart if you hit a tree.
    • The toy Twin-Pod cloud car did not separate into two parts.
    • Twin-Pod cloud cars are like a motorcycle with two sidecars and no motorcycle.
    • If required, one pod can apply forward thrust and the other one can apply backwards thrust at the same time so that it can spin around really quickly.
    • It could also be a Twin-Pod love car.
    • The main point of a Twin-Pod cloud car is that you have to buy two figurines to be the pilots.
    • Episode 7 will therefore have a centipede vehicle that requires multiple figurines.
    • Being a Twin-Pod cloud car pilot is like being a cop - you always have to have a partner.
    • If both pilots try to steer at the same time they just go around in circles.
    • There is more Twin-Pod cloud car action in tomorrow's minute.
  • The Falcon cockpit is seen from a unique side angle.
    • The set had to be pulled apart to get this angle, or it was filmed through the window (which would have been difficult).
    • The hosts like this shot although they could have panned all the way in from a long / wide shot of the Falcon.
    • Alex points out that they use this technique in the ROTS prequel so be careful what you wish for.
    • This side-on camera angle is also commonly used in movies and TV shows that involve airplane cockpits.
  • Bespin having clouds and an atmosphere makes it look otherworldly but not alien.
    • The time of day that they arrive - i.e. the magic hour - makes it look even more beautiful.
    • Arriving at night would not have been as spectacular, unless there was lightning all through the clouds.
    • Or lots of fireworks.
    • Lightning and fireworks would be very dangerous given all the gas on the planet.
  • The Twin-Pod cloud car pilots weren't sure if Han said "landing" or "Lando".
    • They could have played this as a comedy routine. The two pilots just argue with each other all day. They should have been played by a comedy duo like Dan Aykroyd and John Candy.
    • Or they could remake this move with celebrity cameos shoehorned in. Other comedians that could appear are Eugene Levy, Rick Moranis (of SCTV), Tim Conway and Harvey Korman (who has Star Wars experience from The Holiday Special).

Meta Minute

  • 22:26 podcast episode length (although there is about 5 seconds of dead air at the end of the episode).
  • Cold-open: Ad-read for the book "Razor's Edge" by Martha Wells (the first book in the "Empire and Rebellion" series); starwarsminute.com/audible; starwarsminute.com/amazon.
  • Joe is still here after a good night's sleep. He could do a headstand for two hours as long as he didn't think about old friends.


  • Alex: <As disbelieving Luke talking to Yoda> When are you going to take us to Yoda?
  • Joe: They could have tested it [the freezing] on a monkey or something. Alex: They did. Pete: It was Micky Dolenz.
  • Pete: <As Lando to Leia> You truly belong with us in a city among the farts.
  • Pete: <As a Twin-Pod cloud car pilot> Do you have a Lando permit?



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