Empire Minute 84: The Minnesota Good-Bye

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May 8th, 2014


Luke is in great anguish. He struggles with the dilemma, a battle raging in his mind.


Joseph Scrimshaw



  • Starts with Luke explaining why he has to leave Dagobah and rescue his friends; ends with R2 firing up the converters as Luke gets ready to leave.


  • This whole sequence in the movie is much longer than you think. This is Luke's crucial mistake and so significant time is devoted to it.
  • Luke leaving Dagobah is like the Minnesota good-bye in which everyone agrees that you have said goodbye but you then stand in the doorway for another 10 minutes chatting about something else before you actually go.
  • By this point "the guys" (see ESB 83) know that Luke is leaving and there's not much that they can do about it.
  • Did "the guys" Jedi mind-trick Luke at any point? They do seem shifty throughout the entire sequence as they try to figure out how much they can tell Luke.
  • Recently recovered unknown lost / deleted scenes from Return of the Jedi in which Yoda explains to Luke that Ben wanted to tell Luke about his father but that Yoda prevented Ben from doing so.
  • Ben - as the dirty liar - is inconsistent across the movies:
    • In Return of the Jedi he said that Vader isn't really Luke's father because once Anakin became Vader he was a different person and Anakin was lost.
    • In this scene Ben says that he doesn't want to lose Luke the way he lost Vader. Doesn't he mean Anakin based on the above? This is important given that he's nit-picking.
  • Ben says the word "patience" in the most impatient way possible. It's like he's just remembered the name of a song on the radio.
  • There's a camera shot of ghost Ben that looks like he is standing right next to Yoda and is the same height as Yoda. Perhaps this is a Force ghost ability.
  • Luke says that he doesn't want to sacrifice Han and Leia and doesn't mention Chewbacca or the droids. Perhaps if he had of mentioned Chewbacca then Yoda would have gone with him - given that Yoda has actually met Chewbacca and says that he'll miss him in Revenge of the Sith "Sorry Pete".
  • For the record, Alec Guinness hated being Ben Kenobi for this movie and had to be dragged back to perform the role. This may explain, and even enhance, Ben's moments in the movie.
  • Yoda is talking seriously to Luke about the fate of the galaxy and Luke's role in this but half-way through there is a slap-stick moment when Luke finds a snake in one of the X-wings engines. At this moment Ben gives Yoda a side-eye glance so either:
    • Ben is trying not to laugh at the snake.
    • Or he is thinking "oh-oh, he found the snake" as they had planted it in the engine as a final attempt to stop Luke from leaving. The snake was their last hope.
    • Did this give George Lucas the idea to have a snake in the plane at the beginning of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"?
  • Ben must be embarrassed by Luke leaving given that he vouched for him with Yoda. Ben even references this during the scene when talking about already making a mistake with a Skywalker.
  • The elapsed time differences in the movie between Luke's training on Dagobah and Han, Leia and the crew messing around with their activities.
    • Yoda must have given Luke the compressed Jedi training course.
    • In reality Luke should have been forced to return to the cave and pass the test of really obvious imagery.
  • Ben uses a Jazz hands position.
  • Yoda has to really think about Luke's question regarding sacrificing Han and Leia.
    • Yoda and Ben are basically asking Luke to choose between letting his friends die and waiting for the right time to kill his father. This is definitely a tough choice.
    • Also, Luke still thinks he has a chance with Leia at this point.
  • Yoda's line "If you honor what they fight for - yes" is often quoted by Pete in any situation where he gives a conditional answer.
  • Potential slogans for t-shirts:
    • If you honor what they fight for - yes.
    • E chuta.
  • Joseph says that Ben revealing that he won't be able to intervene anymore provides new information that he could have intervened if he had wanted to.
    • Pete says that this is not new information for SWM listeners as they already believe that it was Ben that really blew up the Death Star by controlling Luke.
    • Joseph is surprised by this revelation, asks for more information and provides a counter-opinion that Luke can and does use The Force throughout the original trilogy.
    • Alex refers to an early draft script for Return of the Jedi ("Sorry Pete") in which Ben and Yoda reappear and physically help Luke fight the Emperor.
    • We don't really know what powers a Force ghost has.
    • Why didn't Yoda and Ben combine and take on Vader and the Emperor sooner than this?
    • Pete reminds us that Anakin had a midi-chlorian count higher than Yoda's. Joseph mentions that Vader is only half a man so must be weaker in The Force.
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Meta Minute

  • 20:43 podcast episode length.
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  • Joseph: <In a robotic voice> I am Joseph Scrimshaw - I am part of The Force.
  • Joseph: The talking about Star Wars is cutting into my sitting around thinking about Star Wars time.
  • Joseph: <As Luke> Mon Mothma is too old for me!
  • Pete: <To Joseph> Heretic!



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