Empire Minute 90: I Think I Know A Secret

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"Hello Goldenrod, my old friend..."


May 16th, 2014


Darth Vader strides through the room as two stormtroopers prepare an elaborate torture mechanism. Han is strapped to a rack which tilts forward onto the torture device. Vader activates the mechanism, creating two bursts of sparks, one of which strikes Han's face.


Jeff Ayers



  • Starts with Chewie putting C-3PO together, and ends with Darth telling Boba where he can stick Captain Solo.
  • First tight shot of the Boba Fett costume.


  • Referenced: Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence" and Cylon and Garfunkel from Futurama.
  • Does C-3PO blow apart (and is he designed to do so?), or is he ripped to pieces. If the former, why doesn't he come in easy to reassemble pieces like a Lego set?
  • Why didn't Chewing out Threepio's had on first?
  • When C-3PO reboots, Jeff always heard "I think I know a secret," which is not in the script (see below).
  • C-3PO's memory dump.
    • It's his internal monologue, so it's surprising we don't hear more complaining about his companions.

The torture

  • Vader tortures Han to get Luke to come, but he doesn't start until Luke is on his way. Could Luke arrive before Vader began the torture, or would this be a paradox?
  • What's the deal with the torture chair? Whose is it, and why do they have it?
  • All three of the Original Trilogy films feature torture, and it gets progressively worse as the films go on.
  • Apparently the scene was supposed to go on longer.

Other Notes

Meta Minute


Mmmm. Oh, my. Uh, I, uh - Take
this off! I, uh, don't mean to
intrude here. I, don't, no, no,
no... Please don't get up. No!

Chewie looks at Threepio in bewilderment, then scratches his furry head. He gets an idea and adjusts some connections, whereupon Threepio immediately begins speaking normally.


Stormtroopers? Here? We're in
danger. I must tell the others.
Oh, no! I've been shot!
  • Remember that K-3PO was a permanent resident after the battle of Hoth.
  • Thanks from Jeff for being on the show.


  • Jeff (choking with fake emotion) Some of the best minutes of my life.
  • Alex: ...in Jedi, of course, you see somebody get tortured to the point where their arms fly off. Pete: It's not "somebody" it's a droid. Jeff: Droids are sentient, Peter!
  • Pete: No, no torture's fine; Return of the Jedi not so much. Alex: Well you could argue they're one and the same.
  • Alex: If you're in a world with lightsabers, you're gonna be in a world with amputees.



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