Empire Minute 91: Elevator Timing

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May 19th, 2014


Vader turns and sweeps into the elevator with Boba Fett. Lando walks swiftly down another corridor, muttering to himself.


Klee Wiggins



  • Starts with Darth Vader telling Boba Fett that he can take Han Solo once Imperial forces have finished torturing Han; ends with a tortured Han Solo being thrown into the cell with Chewbacca.


  • The fact that Boba Fett is working for Jabba the Hutt is new information in the movie.
  • Vader doesn't care what Boba does with Han - Vader has bigger fish to fry. Boba Fett could use Han as a hood ornament for all Vader cares.
  • We also hear Boba Fett speak for the first time.
  • Many different people have played Boba Fett over the years.
  • Jabba has obviously changed the terms of the bounty. It was a death mark initially but Boba Fett now wants him alive.
  • Klee learnt what the word garrison meant by watching this movie.
  • Chewbacca is still trying to fix C-3PO and C-3PO is complaining the whole time. This is not the best idea when someone is trying to help you. C-3PO clearly doesn't have protocol programming for this situation.
  • How can C-3PO's head be put on backwards and still work? A USB drive can't even be plugged in backwards!
  • How was C-3PO performed in this scene?
    • Anthony Daniels wearing the body suit the right way and the head on backwards.
    • Anthony Daniels wearing the head the right way and the body suit on backwards.
    • As a puppet.
  • Frank Oz doing C-3PO's voice.
  • Where is this place on Cloud City? The jail or brig?
  • Vader has excellent elevator button / door timing at the end of the scene with Boba Fett. The controls must be linked to his suit.
  • Vader says to Lando that Leia and Chewie must stay on Cloud City for ever. Shouldn't Vader kill the leader of the Rebellion while he has the chance?
  • Vader is sarcastic to Lando regarding the deal changing. This is echoed by Palpatine's fake sarcastic sympathy - it must be a Sith thing.
  • Lando backs down to avoid being choked by Vader but then gets choked by Chewbacca anyway.
  • Maybe Vader was asking a genuine question of Lando - they should have discussed their feelings.
  • Support the Show.
  • Promotion for "I Am Your Father's Day" special.

Meta Minute

  • 14:30 podcast episode length.
  • Klee is not a special edition fan.
  • They had it right; the lady on the front of a boat is called a figurehead.


  • Alex: <As a sailor / pirate> Arr, she's a maidenhead they call her.
  • Pete: Well, it takes a village to "Boba" a "Fett".
  • Klee: It was from this movie that I learnt what the word 'garrison' meant. Alex: Garrison Ford!



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