Empire Minute 92: Where Was Leia?

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May 20th, 2014


Chewie helps Han to a platform and then turns as the door slides open revealing Leia. She, too, looks a little worse for wear. The troopers push her into the cell, and the door slides closed. She moves to Han, who is lying on the platform, and kneels next to him, gently stroking his head.


Klee Wiggins



  • Starts with Han being brought into the cell with Chewbacca, C-3PO and Leia; ends with Lando trying to remember who Vader is really after.


  • Were the crew's feelings hurt when they found out that Vader wasn't after them.
  • Did Lando really think that the crew would be released once Luke was captured? What was the original deal with Vader? Regardless, Lando is selling out Han and is using him as a bargaining chip.
  • How much does Lando know about what's going on in the universe and does he know Boba Fett?
    • Lando is known in those circles as he gets a job at Jabba's Palace in Return of the Jedi.
    • The name Boba Fett is not said in Empire Strikes Back and the word Ewok is not said in Return of the Jedi.
  • Harrison Ford is very good at acting as if he's recovering after being injured.
  • Han's line "I fell terrible" is an often used quote by Pete.
  • Han no longer has his holster and gun at this stage. It would be funny if his pants fell down as a result.
  • Lando's recoiling reaction is funny when Chewbacca growls at him.
  • Where was Leia before she appears?
    • Vader should have detected Leia as being force sensitive.
    • Vader didn't torture Leia because he knows she can resist him.
    • Perhaps Leia was waiting / hiding at the other end of the cell the whole time.
  • This is a new Leia outfit - Bespin Escape Leia. It's the base layer of her Hoth outfit without some items but with her Bespin hair.
    • Maybe she was changing outfits at the beginning of the scene and that's why we didn't see her.
    • C-3PO probably told her what to wear.
  • "Sorry Pete" - Does Vader know that Boba Fett is the son of Jango Fett and effectively the father of the clones?
    • Also, does Boba Fett know that Vader is Anakin?
EU information from Klee:
 In an EU book Boba Fett does know that Anakin is Vader but just doesn't care.
 This is explored in the Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy of books.
 Boba Fett deals with the Empire and regularly takes jobs from them. He is good at hunting down rogue stormtroopers.
 He doesn't think, at this stage, that the clones are an extension of him.
 In the Legacy of The Force books, Han and Leia's son goes to the dark side and
 Boba Fett starts to realize that the clones are his brothers.
 Most of the clones have died but some are still alive.
 Boba Fett is sick and tracks down one of his clone brothers.
 The clone is like him but more friendly.
 Klee thinks that it's kind of hilarious - the clone is like a Boston Irish guy; hard but super friendly.
 Boba Fett rarely takes off his helmet.
 This is to protect his thoughts and feelings plus the helmet has instruments and sensors on it.
  • Is Boba Fett's suit the same as Jango Fett's?
    • Klee isn't sure - it is generally discussed in the books but is not clear.
    • Supposedly The breast plate is his father's but the rest comes from elsewhere.
    • Of cousre, this is all Legends now!
  • Klee wonders what, if any, elements from the books will be used in future canon movies.
  • The concept of dual Star Wars universes and the various characters meeting themselves.
  • C-3PO is instantly thrown to one side when Han comes in to the cell. It would have been funny if he was left on and started dragging himself around with all his parts weirdly bolted on.

Meta Minute

  • 19:01 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read - Amazon; Star Wars Story Boards; starwarsminute.com/amazon.


  • Pete: I - have - made - a - huge - mistake.
  • Klee: I'll slide into the books - like a dork!
  • Pete: <To Klee> I don't think you have to worry about getting too dorky! We're on a podcast where we go through the movie minute-by-minute. Alex: This is a safe place.



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