Empire Minute 96: Fingerguns

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Just utter garbage


May 26th, 2014


Tears roll down Leia's face as she watches the dashing pirate walk to the hydraulic platform. Han looks one final time at his friends – and then, suddenly, the platform drops. Chewie howls. Leia turns away in agony.


Meredith Woerner



  • Starts with Leia revealing who or what she loves; end with the "Han slab" being removed from the carbon freezing chamber.


  • This is Meredith's favorite minute in the movie.
  • What does Leia love? The 80's; drugs?
  • Harrison Ford famously ad-libbed / improvised the line "I know". Also, credit goes to the director for selecting this take.
  • The original line in the shooting script was "Just remember that because I'll be back".
  • The cultural importance of the "I know" line.
  • The lines are reversed in Return of the Jedi - that scene is not nearly as good as this one as there's no real drama.
  • Was this change - that is, using the ad-libbed line - the beginning of the end for George Lucas? It may have made Lucas decide to only use yes men (e.g. Rick MacCullum) from that point on.
  • Rick MacCullum is Pete's nemesis due to McCallum's role as producer for the Special Editions and the Prequels.
  • There is a trilling sound in the background of this scene. Are the ugnaughts making this noise?
  • How does the carbon freezing chamber actually work to make a rectangular shape?
  • What's the experience in the carbon freezing chamber like? Similar to getting a spray tan.
  • Harrison Ford must have hated filming this scene.
    • The director cut immediately after the ad-libbed line.
    • Does the footage exist of all the other takes of this line?
  • We see Vader's face in orange lighting through the mist - this is a cool shot.
  • Is David Prowse even there for that shot?
    • When the actors are and are not in the costumes for various scenes.
    • Kenny Baker is in R2-D2 in the new Star Wars casting photo so he must always be in R2.
  • There is a crackling ice / freezing noise when the clamp comes down. What is the temperature in the chamber?
    • Does freezing mean ice-cold or freezing in position?
    • It must be cold as Leia is back in her Hoth Base outfit.
    • These are Meredith's least favorite Leia braids but her most favorite Leia outfit.
    • The hosts ranking of Leia braids are:
      • 1 - Classic side buns.
      • 2 - Hoth crown braids.
      • 3 - Long side braids on Endor.
      • 4 - Back bun for medal ceremony in Star Wars.
      • 5 - Low buns in Jabba's palace at the start of Return of the Jedi.
  • A loud version of the Imperial March music is heard as the carbonite slab is lifted up. The music stops when the slab is dropped.
    • What is Chewie actually saying in this minute? Pete can't hear this music without hearing Chewie's growls.
    • Different music from the Star Wars movies make the hosts do, or want to do, different things.
    • Different types of physical exercise shown in Star Wars - marching, rope swinging etc.
  • The claw in modern movies would have been a huge complicated CGI device.
    • In fact, the whole freezing process would have been a detailed and long CGI sequence in the Prequels.
    • All the CGI scenes that the hosts talk about that could have been in the Prequels would probably have been awesome.
    • The claw is very menacing.
  • Meredith likes that Vader and Boba Fett are testing the freezing process - this is good planning by Vader.
    • The Empire likes to test things. Another example is the Death Star.
    • If one Death Star doesn't work then they've got three more in the chute ready to go; like a gun that shoots Death Stars.
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Meta Minute

  • 20:59 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open - Ad-read: Amazon; amazon.com; starwarsminute.com/amazon.


  • Alex: He senses a disturbance in the...something. Meredith: The something! You're fired - you're on a Star Wars podcast! The something - you're fired. Alex: The Force, The Force.
  • Pete: <In radio DJ voice> Classic Buns is number one.



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