Empire Minute 97: The Sound of Love Dying

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May 27th, 2014


A huge mechanical tong lifts the steaming metal-encased space pirate out of the vat and stands him on the platform.


Meredith Woerner



  • Starts with the Han Solo slab being lifted out of the pit by the claw; ends with Vader being told that Luke Skywalker (his real prey) has landed on Cloud City.


  • Leia has a disgusted look on her face as the slab is lifted up.
  • The slab is then unceremoniously dropped onto the floor of the chamber. They should have been more careful with it, although the ugnaughts clearly know what they are doing.
    • The sound of the slab falling is like the sound of love dying.
  • How much does the slab weigh?
    • An imitation life-size slab that you can order weighs 300 pounds.
  • How to pose for photos with a Han slab at Comic-Con.
    • It's a hard choice as there are many options.
    • Alex suggests a John Lennon / Yoko Ono type pose. The hosts discuss how to take this photo at Comic-Con. Listener project - Take a John Lennon / Yoko Ono type photo with Han frozen in carbonite and send the hosts photos ("send photos otherwise it didn't happen").
  • Han in carbonite has a weird expression on his face.
    • Wouldn't you want to close your mouth? Cloud City's carbon freezing chamber is not going to be a clean establishment.
    • Why are Han's lips so big / pronounced in the carbonite? For Leia to kiss them?
    • Also, Han's mouth should be closed in case the carbonite freezes his internal organs.
    • Did he have an ice-cream headache as a result of the freezing process?
    • Though Han is only encased in carbonite and not frozen through.
  • No freezing instructions were given to Han. They don't care as he's just the test run for Luke.
    • However they should have still unfrozen Han to give them tips for Luke.
  • Does the Jedi mind trick work without the Jedi talking? If Luke lost the ability to talk during the carbonite freezing process would he still be able to use the Jedi mind trick?
    • Force choking definitely works without the Jedi talking.
  • Han being frozen is a key moment in the movie - he could even be dead.
    • The audience was assuming that Luke would swoop in, have a battle and then save everyone.
    • Han being frozen and dropped on the floor makes you think that something different is going to happen.
    • Referenced: Game of Thrones plot twists and character deaths.
    • Han is a hero in the movies and we now don't see him for quite a while.
    • Risks like this are not taken in the Prequels at any stage.
    • However Han emerges from the movies in better shape than Luke.
 Meredith mentions the EU story in which "they" find Luke's hand and use it to clone and create an evil Luke.
More on this later
  • The hosts are surprised that it's Lando's job, and not the ugnaughts', to check that Han is alive. It must be a union thing.
    • Lando does everything while Vader doesn't do a thing.
  • Han is in perfect hibernation. What does this mean (given that they've never done it before) and why do they even have sensors for this?
  • Does Han age while frozen in carbonite.
    • Han is a bit heavier when he comes out of carbonite. He must have absorbed some of it while frozen.
    • His hair is also longer.
    • Meredith tells Pete and Alex off for making fun of Han / Harrison Ford and is looking forward to meeting Han Solo in Star Wars heaven.
    • Han Solo is on the precipice of Star Wars heaven given how old he will be in Episode 7.
    • There should be a special edition of Return of the Jedi in which a 70 year old Harrison Ford falls out of carbonite and everyone is shocked.
    • At least Harrison Ford takes out his earring for his roles.
  Meredith has met Harrison Ford on the set of Ender's Game and Cowboys and Aliens.
  (She is going to tell him what Pete and Alex are saying about him.)
  Will Calista Flockhart be in Episode 7? She has a Star Wars / Game of Thrones character sounding name.
  • C-3PO's "if he survived" line is a mean thing to say. He's always saying mean things.
    • He's a protocol droid and should be more sensitive than that.
    • Pete's theory is that maybe C-3PO can't hear anything yet (ie Chewie hasn't connected his hearing).
    • Or maybe C-3PO is just a creature of evil given who made him.
  • The guy who says "Skywalker has landed, my lord" is Imperial Officer Captain Bewil.
    • Bewil is also the character in the comic book that brings Vader the bucket of C-3PO parts (see ESB 87).
    • He is also the physical character that says "Ship approaching, X-wing class" but is dubbed with a different voice in this scene.
    • Bewil is played by actor Milton Johns who also appears in multiple episodes of Doctor Who in the Tom Baker era.

Meta Minute

  • 24:12 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open - 8-DAY-GREEDO call; Luke walking the halls of Cloud City makes the caller think of the Superman movie as his VHS tape of Superman as a kid was recorded over The Empire Strikes Back from exactly this point in the movie.
  • Bewil's name is a Lucasian anagram of Decipher game designer Sandy Wible.


  • Alex: Maybe I'm thinking of Jabba. Is Jabba the fat one in Return of the Jedi? Yeah, not Han.
  • Pete: Episode 7: Star Wars heaven!
  • Pete: It's going to be him <Harrison Ford> and Rick McCallum at the door and they're going to punch me in the face.
  • Meredith: He <Harrison Ford> probably doesn't like Rick McCallum that much. Alex: Nobody does.
  • Alex: <In relation to Captain Bewil> His name isn't like Lieutenant Car Bonfreeze or something?



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