Empire Minute 98: Carbonite Coffin

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May 28th, 2014


As Luke and Artoo move carefully down a deserted corridor, they hear a group of people coming down a side hallway.


Meredith Woerner



  • Starts with Vader altering the agreement; ends with Luke sneaking through the halls of Cloud City trying to save the day - trying to be "that guy".


Vader Office Space.jpg
  • Lando doesn't wait a second before making a move on Leia.
  • Vader says "Calrissian" like an angry boss.
  • Vader should have reviewed the written agreement with Lando to see what it says.
  • Does Vader know that Leia is his daughter and this is why he is taking here? He may be getting a weird tingling Force feeling.
  • Why didn't Vader just tell Lando the real deal from the beginning? To reduce resistance from everyone and to get what he wants.
  • Vader says "the Princess" and "the Wookiee" - he does not use their names.
  • Leia doesn't even react to being handed over to Vader. She's just really into Han at this stage and is not sassy at all. Maybe she's just hungry.
    • There may be a take of this scene in which Leia is trying to get to Vader to hit him and Chewie is holding her back.
  • Great Lobot side-eye musical sting. More great physical acting by John Hollis.
  • In the carbon freezing chamber - is that a hallway at the back of the raised platform or is it just a decorative spider-web design on the wall?
  • Han's slab out of the dramatic lighting looks grey / silver / pewter. When we first see it is much darker.
    • Alex thinks it's cooling because it is so hot.
    • The temperature debate continues.
    • The customized carbonite blocks at Disney World are discussed.
    • A similar product for the Predator movies is available.
    • The end products don't really look like you.
    • What's a reasonable price for these items?
    • Could the carbonite block be recreated via 3D printing and, if so, you could change the pose.
    • This would be very disrespectful to Han Solo.
  • Luke Skywalker arrives on Cloud City. The gang is getting closer to reuniting.
  • Does Luke recognize Boba Fett from The Holiday Special? Luke is generally not good at remembering things, so probably not.
  • Despite his training Luke still draws his gun.
    • He has a very dainty run. He prances around and does some comedic physical moves.
    • He seems to totally forget his recent failure at the cave with weapons.
  • Luke's Bespin fatigues is Alex's favorite Luke outfit.
    • Meredith's top three Luke outfits are:
      • X-wing uniform.
      • Work-out outfit from Dagobah.
      • Tatooine farm boy outfit (without the Gilligan hat).
    • Luke should have worn the hat everywhere.
    • Meredith doesn't like the all black "true Jedi" outfit. Good guys where white and bad guys wear black.
    • Are they trying to indicate that Luke may turn to the dark side?
    • It is difficult to make characters turn from good to evil.
    • Referenced: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • Han's slab floating down the hallway is a beautiful sequence - like a respectful procession.
    • How does the carbonite block hover? Boba Fett should stand on it and surf it down the corridor - he definitely does that later out of sight of Imperial forces.
 The hosts discuss caskets and Star Wars-themed ceremonies.
  • Cloud City has a polka dot ceiling. Is this functional? For solar power, heating or cooling?
    • The temperature on Cloud City is debated - again.
  • How many takes of different types of runs by Mark Hamill did they film?
  • Support the Show; live show coming up.

Meta Minute

  • 23:00 podcast episode length.


  • Alex: <To Meredith> Not that I'm ratting Harrison Ford - don't get all upset. Pete: Is that the fat guy from Jedi? Meredith: You jerks; I'm leaving! I'm taking my Harrison Ford doll with me.
  • Meredith: In our hearts we know <that it's cold on Cloud City>. Alex: Oh, I know it's cold in your heart.



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