Star Wars Minute 98: Fake Wedge

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October 16th, 2013


The low-ceilinged room is filled with starpilots, navigators, and a sprinkling of R2-type robots. Everyone is listening intently to what Dodonna is saying. Han and Chewbacca are standing near the back.


Josh Flanagan



  • Starts with a shot of the guy in exile in the crow's nest and ends late in the Powerpoint presentation regarding how to blow up a Death Star.
  • First appearance of the Rebel Alliance symbol (the starbird) in release order.


  • Where is the thermal exhaust port?
  • This minute presents a good opportunity to go to the bathroom. Dodonna talks; go to the bathroom.
  • Yavin 4 is foggy now. Foreshadowing Yoda's planet.
  • There are a lot of 70s British looking dudes in this scene.
  • The tall Rrebel pilot next to Leia is Jon 'Dutch' Vander; it must be Leia's boyfriend that she dumps for Han. Maybe this is why Han and Chewie exchange significant looks.
  • Referenced: The Star Wars card game.
  • Princess Leia's name is clearly pronounced 'LEE-uh' by General Jan Dodonna. Is he right or wrong and does this reflect more broadly on Dodonna's overall competence?
  • The actor playing General Jan Dodonna looks like Robert E. Lee from the American Civil War.
  • The hosts discuss Dodonna's motivation given his history (see below).
  • What happens after the destruction of the Death Star?
  • The trench run computer graphics look really good / modern. They must have looked REALLY cool in 1977. They're actually hand-drawn animation cells which makes them even cooler.
  • There are no 'alien' members of the Rebel Alliance in this movie and ESB. It is just a human affair. (Although there are some shown in The Holiday Special so maybe not).
  • Chewbacca not getting a medal is tentatively raised.
  • Everybody shifts nervously in their seats when '2 meters' is mentioned.
  • The Death Star being defended against a large scale attack explains why the terrible Stormtroopers are stationed there. They're basically just mall cops (as mentioned previously).

Meta Minute

  • 20:01 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: 8-DAY-GREEDO call - R2-D2 whistles at another R2 unit (a black and white one). It must be his girlfriend.
  • Act 3 is Pete's favorite thing ever.
  • The Star Wars arcade game had a similar look to this scene - and was a really difficult game. You had to be dedicated to blow up the Death Star.
  • Fake Wedge. The original actor (seen in this scene) was let go after shooting this scene - he could not deliver the lines - and was replaced by the Wedge that we know and love today. However the same voice actor dubs both actors.
  • Wedge Antilles as the hero of the Rebellion:
    • In ROTJ he leads the successful attack on Death Star II.
    • He's the Rebellion's crack pilot and has been through the system.
    • He's the leader and go-to guy.
    • He shoots multiple bogeys off Luke's tail in this attack.
    • (Josh doesn't remember the other reasons; it's just a fact.)
  • In earlier drafts of the script Wedge was known as Chewie, Chewie Antilles, and Bail Antilles.
  • General Dodonna also had a different first name (and one that now appears elsewhere in the Star Wars universe) in early drafts of the script. Lucas must have had a Star Wars name generator with 400 names in it that he just kept picking from.


  • Pete: Wait, what happens in that lightsaber duel? Who won? I'm totally lost!
  • Josh: I've never heard this until today.
  • Alex: Hmmm, those are some chewy Antilles.
  • Pete: General Greedo Dagobah at your service. Josh: Dutch Yavin. Alex: The Lobot System.


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Information about General Jan Dodonna (EU stuff) discussed during the podcast:
 He was an Imperial Officer at one point.
 He fought in the Clone Wars; became a big shot in the Empire.
 He's a master tactician.
 Dodonna retired from the Imperial Forces.
 The Emperor was threatened by Dodonna and decided to kill him.
 Mon Mothma had been pursuing Dodonna for some time and when he found out that the Emperor was trying to kill him he joined the Rebel Alliance.
 Dodonna was captured by the Empire in their attack on the Rebel base on Yavin 4 following the destruction of the Death Star.
 (His ultimate fate was not discussed on the podcast episode.)