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As mentioned on the Getting started page, we love to categorize. Here is an attempt at an exhaustive list of categories that we use for episodes.

Daily Episodes (& Specials)

Category Name Description Syntax in use
Opening crawl An episode that contains some of one of the movie opening crawls [[Category:Opening crawl]]
Credits An episode containing one of the movie's credits [[Category:Credits]]
Celebration An episode recorded at Star Wars Celebration [[Category:Celebration]]
Live An episode recorded in front of a live audience [[Category:Live]]
Extras An episode covering something other than a minute of one of the main saga movies [[Category:Extras]]
April Fools An episode released on April Fools' Day, covering something unexpected [[Category:April Fools]]
Parkside Lounge An episode recorded at the Parkside Lounge, NYC [[Category:Parkside Lounge]]
Nerdmelt An episode recorded at the late lamented Nerdmelt Showroom in sunny Los Angeles [[Category:Nerdmelt]]
Special Edition An episode covering a minute of the Special Editions [[Category:Special Edition]]
Livestream Episodes that were originally streamed live. [[Category:Livestream]]

Weekend Edition Episodes

Category Name Description Syntax in use
JPMS Episodes An episode that contains a Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology [[Category:JPMS Episodes]]
Roll Call Stranger An episode where someone other than Pete reads the Roll Call of Heroes [[Category:Roll Call Stranger]]
No Roll Call An episode where the Roll Call of Heroes is not read out [[Category:No Roll Call]]
Host Missing An episode in which one of our hosts is absent [[Category:Host Missing]]
Week in Review Episodes of the new Saturday recap show Star Wars Minute: Week in Review [[Category:Week in Review]]
POV Reviews An episode featuring a review of one of the chapters in the Star Wars anthology From a Certain Point of View [[Category:POV Reviews]]
Clone Wars Reviews Episodes which include discussion of an episode of the 2D animated "Star Wars: Clone Wars". [[Category:Clone Wars Reviews]]
Star Wars Rebels Reserved for Robinson's Raucous Rebels Review [[Category:Star Wars Rebels]]

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