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When referring to a specific film (Star Wars or otherwise), indicate that it is a film by putting the name in Italics

New Episodes

This list describes how the films should be referred to for the purposes of making new episode pages using {{subst:EpisodeTemplate|Film name}}

Film Name Usage in EpisodeTemplate
Star Wars {{subst:EpisodeTemplate|Star Wars}}
The Empire Strikes Back {{subst:EpisodeTemplate|The Empire Strikes Back}}
Return of the Jedi {{subst:EpisodeTemplate|Return of the Jedi}}
The Phantom Menace {{subst:EpisodeTemplate|The Phantom Menace}}

Guest Categories

This list describes how to put guests into categories based on what movie(s) they discussed and if they were part of an other guest categories

Category Name Syntax in use
Star Wars guests [[Category:Star Wars guests]]
Empire guests [[Category:Empire guests]]
Jedi guests [[Category:Jedi guests]]
Naboo Movie guests [[Category:Naboo Movie guests]]
Weekend Edition guests [[Category:Weekend Edition guests]]
All-Star guests [[Category:All-Star guests]]