Bonus Episode: The Ink Banthas Holiday Special

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Is this mean? It's kinda mean isn't it.


December 5th, 2013


The “lost” episode of The Ink Banthas Show, featuring Alex Robinson, Pete The Retailer, and Josh Flanagan. From November 2012.


Josh Flanagan


  • Stop listening now if you don't like Star Wars.
  • It was Pete's idea to do this episode in honor of the famous Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978.
  • The hosts experiences of the Star Wars Holiday Special.
  • Main plot points, a brief explanation and the cast of the Star Wars Holiday Special.
  • Chewbacca's family and lifestyle. Is he a good parent?
  • The lack of subtitles in Star Wars.
  • What Chewbacca and the Droids are actually saying.
  • Origins of Bail Organa.
  • Star Wars novelization and radio drama.
  • Splinter of the Mind's Eye.
  • The potential for an Episode 7 following the Disney purchase of Star Wars.
  • Pete's hatred of the Prequels.
  • Easter eggs on DVDs and Blu-rays.
  • Rick McCallum's proposed TV series and role with the Prequels.
  • Rick McCallum is the "Bib Fortuna" to George Lucas's "Jabba the Neck".
  • The relationship between Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin.
  • The structure, and arrogance, of the Empire.
  • Upcoming Star Wars prequels and sequels - and potential Directors.
  • The cast of the original trilogy appearing in Episode 7.
  • The surprise of George Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney.
  • EU continuity in the Disney era.
  • Are the Star Wars characters illiterate?
  • Referenced: Saturday Night Live - SNL.
  • Alex's comedy material about, and the back story of, Dr Cornelius Evazan from the cantina.
  • Ponda Baba and the Aqualish.
  • What have Jedis been doing for the last twenty years?
  • Links between Boba Fett and Jodo Kast.
  • Action figures of the secondary characters.
  • Hutts controlling Tatooine in the original trilogy.
  • The Hutt's home planet.
  • Clone Wars cartoon series.
  • Anakin's journey.
  • The preferable viewing order of the Star Wars movies.
  • Kids watching Star Wars in the modern world.
  • Referenced: All in the Family sitcom.
  • The low quality of the Prequels.
  • Star Wars fan films and how Disney will interact with the fans going forward.
  • Final thoughts:
    • Characters that the hosts most want to see in the sequels;
      • The Solo kid - Jacen Solo. <Note - This was a very close prediction to Episode 7 TFA by Josh.>
      • Wedge Antilles.
      • Chewbacca's son Lumpy.
    • Inevitable remakes of all the Star Wars movies.
    • This podcast episode became a very serious discussion of Star Wars in the end.
    • Star Wars versus Star Trek.
    • Referenced: Joe Piscopo in Star Trek.

Meta Notes

  • 1:11:01 podcast episode length.
  • Intro:
    • A bonus episode from before there was STAR WARS MINUTE.
    • A "lost" episode from the podcast Ink Banthas.
    • Otherwise known as the Ink Banthas Holiday Special.
    • This episode was performed while the Ink Panthers podcast was on hiatus.
    • The last time that Pete and Alex talked about Star Wars on a podcast before Star Wars Minute.
    • Reminder about the big, "Very Special Star Wars Minute Star Wars Holiday Special Special Live!. December 11th 2013 at the Parkside Lounge.
    • Promotion for Amazon link.


  • Pete: What are we doing with our lives?
  • Alex: ...every Star Wars fan is going to face that day of disappointment. Josh: That's sort of the rite of passage; that's the prophecy that Yoda speaks of.


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