Jedi Minute 100: Speaking Only In Cliches

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May 22nd, 2015


The Falcon and other Rebel fighters are engaged in a ferocious combat with Imperial TIE fighters, the battle raging around the cruisers of the Rebel armada.


Matt Belknap



  • Starts with Leia telling R2 that they need him at the bunker right away, and ends with Wedge telling Reds 2 & 3 to pull... something.
  • The Falcon and the Blockade Runner in the same shot.
  • Sila Kott
    • Played by a woman (Poppy Hands)
    • Dubbed by a man


  • Matt hadn't seen the movie in its entirety in a long while.
Matt saw Star Wars as a second run in theaters when he was like 4, but has vivid memories of seeing Empire in the theater. At the time of this recording he is 40, so he was the perfect age to watch this movie when it came out. More so than the movies, the toys were his entrance into Star Wars.
  • Artoo's legs.
  • Redoing the big bad from the first movie.
  • Balancing stuff for kids and stuff for adults.
  • BB-8 vs. R2-D2. Sibling rivalry, such as between an old dog and a puppy.
  • How is Artoo getting around this forest?
    • Everyone is abandoning C-3PO.
  • The use of subtitles vs. just speaking English in a movie for kids.
  • C-3PO taking command of the battle.
  • Artoo not being able to speak English. It's a very Star Wars thing that he can fix anything but can't be programmed to speak.
  • Callback to minute 6. Is that the door's eye, or is someone inside operating a camera?
  • This is the perfect time for heroics.
    • C-3PO, and many other characters, speaking only in clichés.
    • Lucas' lack of focus on dialog and plot.
  • Slick, soulless action movie reboots of beloved sci-fi franchises.
  • The design of the Millennium Falcon and its various incarnations.
  • Dubbed voices.
    • "It takes a lot of good men to make a good Wedge".
  • What Anakin should look like as a ghost.
  • Kenner toys had just the essential elements to reenact your favorite scenes.
  • Shout out to Dan Telfer.
  • Sophistication in kids movies that might actually be for adults.

Meta Minute

  • 42:49 podcast episode length.
  • The cover art for this episode is gold coated for episode 100.
  • This episode does not contain a new iteration of the SWM Motto, breaking a streak nearly two months long.
  • This is Matt's first appearance on a regular season episode. His first ever guest appearance was for the L.A. live show.
  • Pete misspoke: the number of the trash compactor is 3263827.
  • There is now an MxM podcast that covers Star Trek one minute at a time, but as of June 2018,they have not covered any of the Kelvin timeline films.
  • A fantastic article on how the Millennium Falcon came to be the icon it is today can be found at
  • The Ewok battle wagon appeared in the Ewoks cartoon show.
  • Matt unfortunately did not make an appearance when the guys covered Caravan of Courage.


  • Pete: Different flavored Muppets.
  • Matt: (in faux Huttese) *gibberish* <French> je ne sais quoi.
  • Matt: I was about to get mad at a fake thing that I made up.


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