Jedi Minute 104: Can't Knock the Space Battle

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May 28th, 2015


Out of the window and on the view screens, the Rebel fleet is being decimated in blinding explosions of light and debris.


Conor Kilpatrick



  • Starts with a grieving Romba, and ends with the Emperor telling Luke there is no escape.
  • A very downbeat minute.
  • "Exploding minorities".


  • Conor is the third and final member of iFanboy to be on the show. Shoutout to Josh Flanagan and Ron Richards.
  • Conor was strongly affected seeing an Ewok die.
    • It's rare in these movies for characters to stop and take in a loss. Suddenly there's a toll to the battle.
    • Mentioned: Mopey Luke, Malakili.

Rebel pilots

  • Grizz Frix
    • Red 5
  • What happened to Luke's X-wing? Shoutout to Jordan White.
  • Ekelarc Yong.
  • We spend a lot of time bad-mouthing this movie, but you can't knock the space battle; it's genuinely awesome.
    • This is the height of complexity and sophistication for practical, kit-bashed ships. Comparison with space battles in the Prequels which were done digitally.

Other Notes

  • Discussion of the supervillains (real or imagined). Their motivations often don't make sense.
    • The Emperor doesn't try to offer Luke any kind of incentive to get him to turn. He has no time for a drawn out seduction.
  • Conor ranks the movies.
  • ROTJ toy talk.
  • SWM gets political. This minute is racially charged. Hopefully Conor will be back for more racist moments in the Prequls.
  • Support the Show.

Meta Minute


  • Pete: You're still on the Grizz.
  • Conor: ...I should probably put a t-shirt on my head and rub my belly and cry.


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